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Outgoing students - Erasmus

If you would like to spend a semester abroad within the framework of the Erasmus programme you have to:

Before you leave:

  • Go to the SEVE Mobility, the contact person for mobility within your faculty or the SEVE documentation centre to obtain information about the Erasmus bilateral agreements between the University of Luxembourg and foreign universities, as well as on the procedure to follow in order to prepare for your semester abroad;
  • Communicate your mobility preferences. The course director then allocates the Erasmus spots on the basis of academic criteria (number of ECTS credits already earned and average mark). If you have been selected for an Erasmus spot, the SEVE Mobility will contact you to explain the application procedure. The SEVE Mobility is in charge of the payment of the Erasmus grant; you should hand in the grant application there (Scholarships);
  • Go to see your course director to draw up the learning agreement that stipulates the programme of courses to be taken at the selected host university, so that the credits earned can be validated when you return.

These steps should be taken sufficiently early, i.e. 

For the winter semester: starting in March 
For the summer semester: starting in October 

  • Once your application has been accepted, you need to register with both institutions. At the University of Luxembourg, you will enrol as an outgoing student. A University of Luxembourg student card will be issued to you for the mobility semester.
  • Go to the SEVE Mobility to sign your mobility contract, which stipulates where you are going and when you are leaving.

Please note:

 - temporary residence clause: student who will spend his mobility semester in his country of origin, will only benefit from the Erasmus grant if he can prove a temporary address in Luxembourg;

Example: a student having his official address in Metz but not in Luxembourg won’t receive Erasmus grant if he makes his mobility in France. However, the student will keep his Erasmus status and all other associated benefits.

 - under the Erasmus programme, enrolment fees are generally paid to the University of Luxembourg, which is your home institution;

 - it is strongly recommended to keep in touch with your course director and the SEVE Mobility during your stay at the host institution.

When you arrive at the host institution

  • Have your certificate of arrival, attesting that you are on mobility leave, signed by the host institution and send it to the SEVE Mobility to receive the first payment of the Erasmus grant (75%).

When you return

  • Hand in the certificate of departure duly signed by the host institution. This certificate attests to the period of your stay and is necessary for the payment of the outstanding balance of your Erasmus grant (25%);
  • Fill in the Rapport de fin de séjour. This report is an evaluation of your stay abroad. The SEVE Mobility will email it to you at the end of your mobility period;
  • Go to see your course director to have your mobility semester validated. The ECTS credits earned abroad are recognized on the basis of the previously signed learning agreement.

The SEVE Mobility is in charge of administrative aspects of your mobility semester. The mobility team is at your entire disposal for any advice and guidance you may need to facilitate the organisation of your semester abroad. They will communicate with you mainly by email. Please do not forget to check your emails under the address attributed to you by the University of Luxembourg: Firstname.surname.index@student.uni.lu

Any questions? Please consult our F.A.Q Mobility!

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