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Computational Biology Group

The Computational Biology Group at the LCSBFrom left to right: Alexandra Maria Sandu, Thanneer Malai Perumal, Antonio de Sol (Principa Investigator), Isaac Crespo, Sarah Killcoyne, Gökhan Ertaylan

About the Computational Biology Group

The research focus of our group is to develop new methods for the modeling and analysis of biological systems and to utilize those methods for elucidating disease diagnosis, mechanism and progression.

In particular, we are interested in the study of different aspects of biological networks (gene regulatory, metabolic, and protein- protein interaction networks) in terms of their topology, dynamics, and perturbations by combining concepts from different areas of mathematics, such as graph, information and game theories. Our approach is to transform the idea of complex diseases (neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic diseases and cancer) into quantitative deterministic states of a computational model that can be used to prevent, diagnose or treat the disease under investigation. [Contact : Ass. Prof. Dr. Antonio del Sol Mesa]

Head of Team

Ass. Prof. Dr. Antonio del Sol


Dr. Marek Ostaszewski (LCSB)