André Melzer

André Melzer

Senior lecturer

Faculty or Centre Faculté des Lettres, des Sciences Humaines, des Arts et des Sciences de l'Education
Research Unit INSIDE
Postal Address Campus Walferdange, Université du Luxembourg
Route de Diekirch
L-7220 Walferdange
Campus Office Bât. XII, 2.01B
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 9614
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 9900
Joined the University in 2010

André Melzer is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology. He teaches in the area of Media Psychology and Social Psychology. He is also Vice-course director BA in Psychology (BAP). Dr. Melzer received a doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Trier (Germany). Before he joined the University of Luxembourg, he worked in departments of Psychology at the University of Trier and the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf (Germany). He also worked at the interdisciplinary Institute for Multimedia and Interactive Systems, a Computer Science department at the University of Luebeck (Germany).

Dr. Melzer’s research mainly focuses on the use and effects of interactive media, with a particular emphasis on video games. He is head of the MEXLAB (Media and Experimental lab), where he also conducts most of his experimental studies.

Within the Research Unit INSIDE, Dr. Melzer is a member of the Institute for Health and Behaviour. Within this Institute, he works in the research group Health Promotion and Aggression Prevention led by Prof. Georges Steffgen. Together, they directed the PREVAMI research project (“Preventing violence and aggressive behaviour in children and adolescents using interactive media instruments”), an international research project aimed at the use and effects of violent video games and the prevention of violence and aggressive behaviour.

Since 2013, Dr. Melzer is scientific director of the SGM research project (“Stereotype Geschlechterrollen in den Medien”), funded by the Ministry for Equal Opportunities in Luxembourg. This project focuses on the analysis of gender portrayals in the media, especially in video games and song lyrics. The research project aims at the consequences of personal convictions regarding “socially typical“ male and female gender roles in the media. How do media recipients perceive these gender stereotypes? How do they respond to counter-stereotypical gender portrayals in video games?

Dr. Melzer has published in the fields of interactive media use and media effects with a special emphasis on violent video games, empathy, cyberbullying, and the role of parental mediation. His work on implicit and explicit memory focuses on, but is not limited to, memory for commercial information.

His teaching experiences at the University of Luxembourg include the coordination of experimental courses within the Bachelor of science in Psychology, as well as courses in Social Psychology and Media Psychology. Teaching experiences at other affiliations cover General Psychology (Perception and Cognition), Media Psychology, Work Psychology, Hypermediasystems, and Entertainment Computing.

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Research Interests

André Melzer's recent research interests focus on media use and the effects of media information: How do entertainment media affect cognition, emotion, and behavior? Among other topics, he is currently interested in the following aspects:

  •  Effects of media violence: Which factors increase the effects of media on aggression? On the other hand, what are the protective factors?
  • Violent video game preference: Who uses violent games, and why do people prefer these games?
  • Remembering information from media: What do people (explicitly) recall from media (e.g., from video games, commercials, or advertising), what do people recall without explicit instruction (i.e., implicitly)?
  • Aggression and violence prevention: May we use the strengths of interactive media to prevent violence and aggression?

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In press

Full Text
See detailParental Mediation of Children’s Television and Video Game Use: Active and Embedded in Family Processes
Schaan, Violetta; Melzer, André

in Journal of Children and Media (in press)

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Full Text
See detailEmpathy and Violent Video Games: Aggression and Prosocial Behavior
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André

Book published by Palgrave Pivot - Palgrave Studies in Cyberpsychology (2014)

Full Text
See detailGewalthaltige Computerspiele
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges

in Porsch, T.; Pieschl, S. (Eds.) Neue Medien und deren Schatten (2014)

Full Text
See detailLike the Good or Bad Guy—Empathy in antisocial and prosocial games
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges

in Psychology of Popular Media Culture (2014)

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Full Text
See detailSuperman vs. BAD man? - The effects of empathy and game character in violent video games
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges

in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking (2013), 16(10), 774-778

Full Text
See detailSpielen mit Gewalt - Gewalt in digitalen Spielen
Melzer, André

in Gudehus, C.; Christ, M. (Eds.) Gewalt. Ein interdisziplinäres Handbuch (2013)

Full Text
See detailThe Allure of the Forbidden: Breaking Taboos, Frustration, and Attraction to Violent Video Games
Whitaker, Jodi L.; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges; Bushman, Brad J.

in Psychological Science : A Journal of the American Psychological Society (2013), 24(4), 507-513

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Full Text
See detailMacbeth and the joystick: Evidence for moral cleansing after playing a violent video game
Gollwitzer, Mario; Melzer, André

in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2012), 48

See detailI love violent media, but it may harm others: Personality factors and attitudes towards violent media
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Dax, Ann-Kathrin; Eichner, Felicitas; Steffgen, Georges

Scientific Conference (2012, July)

See detailSuperman vs. BAD man? Empathy and game character influence the effects of violent video games
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges

Poster (2012, July)

See detailIT Security. An empirical study on the willingness of people to communicate personal data
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Volkert, Lucien R.; Steffgen, Georges

Report (2012)

Full Text
See detailXXth ISRA World Meeting 2012 at the University of Luxembourg. Abstract Book
Scientific Program Committee and Organization Committee; Melzer, André

Book published by Université du Luxembourg (2012)

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Full Text
See detailBringing empathy into play: On the effects of empathy in violent and nonviolent video games
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges

in Anacleto, J.L.; Fels, S.; Graham, N.; Kapralos, B.; El-Nasr, M.S.; Stanley, K. (Eds.) Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2011: 10th International Conference, ICEC 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada, October 5-8, 2011, 6972 (2011)

See detailCan you feel the game – How empathy in video games affects behavior
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges

Poster (2011, May)

See detailDo we judge a game by its cover? A comparison of crime descriptions in fictitious video games and newspaper articles
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges

Scientific Conference (2011, November)

See detailGreat feelings in small boxes - Empathy as a mitigating factor in video games
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges

Scientific Conference (2011, July)

See detailEmotionale Medienstimuli und die moderierende Rolle von Empathie auf Entscheidungsprozesse
Happ, Christian; Sütterlin, Stefan; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges

Scientific Conference (2011, September)

See detailZAP
Melzer, André; Donoso, Véronica

Report (2011)

Full Text
See detailAre cyber bullies less empathic? Adolescents' cyber bullying behavior and empathic responsiveness
Steffgen, Georges; Pfetsch, Jan; König, Andreas; Melzer, André

in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking (2011), 14(11), 643-648

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See detailMedia, violence and prevention: A literature survey. Report of the PREVAMI project
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Steffgen, Georges

Report (2010)

See detailZAP
Melzer, André

Report (2010)

Full Text
See detailClick or strike: Realistic versus standard game controls in violent video games and their effects on aggression
Melzer, André; Derks, I.; Heydekorn, J.; Steffgen, Georges

in In H. S. Yang et al. (Eds.), ICEC 2010, LNCS 6243. pp. 171-182. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer (2010)

See detailKinder, Jugendliche und Videospiele: Was Eltern wissen sollten (I) – Videospiele und ihre Wirkung
Melzer, André; Happ, Christian

in Kuck mat wat deng Kanner maachen! (2010)

See detailBesser werben mit Liebe und Hass? Zur Wirkung empathie- und aggressionsbezogener Wörter in einem gewalthaltigen Rennspiel
Melzer, André; Happ, Christian; Steffgen, Georges

Scientific Conference (2010, September)

See detailEmpathy for the devil? Empathy and prosocial behavior in violent video games
Melzer, André; Happ, Christian; Steffgen, Georges

Scientific Conference (2010, July)

Full Text
See detailViolence for the masses: The impact of violence in electronic mass media
Melzer, André; Happ, Christian; Steffgen, Georges

in Herzog-Evans, Martine (Ed.) Transnational criminology manual (2010)

Full Text
See detailAudioworld: A spatial audio tool for acoustic and cognitive learning
Melzer, André; Kindsmüller, M. C.; Herczeg, M.

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See detailWho chooses what in the game store? The relationship between game preferences and dimensions of aggression
Happ, Christian; Melzer, André; Rossi, M.; Steffgen, Georges

Scientific Conference (2009, November)

Full Text
See detailIterative design of mobile learning systems for school projects
Melzer, André; Hadley, L.; Glasemann, M.; Günther, S.; Winkler, T.; Herczeg, M.

in Technology, Instruction, Cognition & Learning (2009), 6(4), 235-251

Full Text
See detailThe role of empathy for adolescents' cyberbullying behaviour
Steffgen, Georges; König, Andreas; Pfetsch, Jan; Melzer, André

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See detailOnline communities and online community building
Kindsmüller, Martin Christof; Melzer, André; Mentler, Tilo

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Full Text
See detailWhen items become victims: Brand memory in violent and nonviolent games
Melzer, André; Bushman, B. J.; Hofmann, U. G.

Scientific journal (2008)

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See detailUsing iterative design and development for mobile learning systems in school projects
Melzer, André; Hadley, L.; Glasemann, M.; Werner, S.; Winkler, T.; Herczeg, M.

in Proceedings of ICEC CELDA 2007 (2007)

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See detailThe mere exposure effect is sensitive to color information: Evidence for color effects in a perceptual implicit memory test
Hupbach, Almut; Melzer, André; Hardt, Oliver

in Experimental Psychology (2006), 53(3), 233-345

Full Text
See detailUsing the Moles and the Mini Moles software sytem to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor learning experiences
Melzer, André; Hadley, L.; Glasemann, M.; Herczeg, M.

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See detailBubble Caster – a mixed reality children application for interactive shadow play
Winkler, Thomas; Arend, Sonja; Hadley, Lia; Melzer, André; Herczeg, Michael

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See detailDer interaktive Perspektivenfilm als Hyperfilm auf Video-DVD
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See detailThe interactive and multi-protagonist film: A hypermovie on DVD
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in Rauterberg, M. (Ed.) ICEC2004, LNCS 3166, Eindhoven 1-3 September 2004 (2004)

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See detailPreparing a cup of tea and writing a letter: Do script-based actions influence the representation of a real environment?
Wagener, Monika; Mecklenbräuker, Silvia; Wippich, Werner; Saathoff, Jörg E.; Melzer, André

in Freksa, C.; Habel, C.; Wender, K.-F. (Eds.) Spatial Cognition II: An interdisciplinary approach to representing and processing spatial knowledge (2000)

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See detailPicture or word superiority effects in implicit memory: levels of processing, attention and retrieval constraints
Wippich, Werner; Melzer, André; Mecklenbräuker, Silvia

in Swiss Journal of Psychology = Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Psychologie = Revue suisse de psychologie (1998), 51(1), 33-46

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