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Recent posts


26.04.2017 - Soixante ans et toujours en movement
                       by Prof. Herwig Hofmann and Catherine Warin - PhD student at the University of Luxembourg

06.04.2017 - C-547/14: the Twofold Objective of the Tobacco Products Directive
                        by Johannes Hendrik Fahner - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

06.03.2017 - Times of Crisis, Times of Prospects: Can the EU Learn from the 1970s?
                        by Mechthild Herzog - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

01.03.2017 - Recent developments on free movement in EU.
                        by Catherine Warin - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

28.02.2017 - CJEU condemns German price-fixing system for prescription-only medicinal products.
                        by Julia Sinnig - Research Assistant/Doctoral candidate in tax law at the University of Luxembourg

27.01.2017 - How did the ECB become a fully-fledged central bank of the euro zone?
                        by Jakub Gren (LLM) - PhD researcher in the Institute of Political Science of the University of Luxembourg