Christoph Schommer

Associate professor

Academic Area(s) Computer science
Research Topics Data Mining, Text Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning, Intelligent Databases
Faculty or Centre Faculté des Sciences, de la Technologie et de la Communication
Research Unit CSC
Postal Address Campus Kirchberg, Université du Luxembourg
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg
Campus Office G 108
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 5228
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 5500
Joined the University in 2003

About me
Curriculum Vitae
  • Associate Professor at the University of Luxembourg (2009 - today).
  • Director of Studies - Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences (MICS) (2005 - 09)
    • Accreditation of MICS by an international committee
    • Self Evaluation Report / Self-evaluation of the University
  • Assistant Professor at the University of Luxembourg (2003-2009).
  • IBM Software Group, Berlin (IT Architect; 2001-03). 
  • IBM Research & Development, Böblingen (Germany) + Almaden (USA) (Senior Consultant; 1998-2001).
  • IBM Global Services (1997-98), Frankfurt/Main.
  • Lecturer /  Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main (2001-2007).
  • Lecturer / University of Potsdam (2002-03).
  • PhD (Doctor philosophiae naturalis) in Computer Science from the Dept. of Computer Science, Goethe-University of Frankfurt/Main (2000). Reviewers: Prof. Dr. Roberto Zicari, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Giere.
  • Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Research Group Database and Information Systems, Prof. Zicari, Goethe-University of Frankfurt/Main (1994-96) 
  • Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Saarbrücken and DFKI in 1993.

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Member of ACM, Cognitive Science Society, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kognitionswissenschaft.

Research Interests

  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Text Mining & Information Retrieval
  • Data Science
  • Intelligent Databases
  • Artificial Companions


  • Contributing to the Suffering and Pain project, lead by Dr. Smadar Bustan, Psychophysiology and Neurophysiology Laboratory, University of Luxembourg.
  • ESCAPE (2012-15; Efficiency, Spreading of Crisis and Algorithmic Policy Evolution / Project Lead by Prof. Grammatikos, LSF.
  • ADAM (2005-07; Adaptive Associative Memories) / Project Lead
  • TRIAS (2005-08; Trust and Reliability in Agent Systems; with Prof. van der Torre, Dr. Weydert) / Project Lead
  • ICC (2006-09; Inventing Communities of Communication; with Dr. Patrice Caire) / Project Lead
  • Evo-Business (2005-08; Evolutionary Computing and e-Business) / Project Lead by Prof. Bouvry.
  • Intra (2004-07; Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks) / Project Lead by Prof. Sorger + Prof. Malvetti.


Member of Programme Committees

Reviewer of Journals

  • IEEE Journal on Parallel and Distributed Systems. IEEE Society.

Conference Organization

Last updated on: 03 Sep 2014

Doctoral School in Computer Science and Computer Engineering (DS-CSCE)

  • Recent Advances in Text Mining and Retrieval (Su 13 - today)

Master of Information and Computer Science (MiCS)

  • Information Retrieval and Learning. (Wi 10/11, Wi 11/12, Wi 12/13, Wi 13/14, Wi 14/15)
  • Intelligent Systems (Wi 05/06, Wi 06/07, Wi 07/08, Wi 08/09, Wi 09/10) - with R. Bisdorff, P. Bouvry, and L. van der Torre
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (Su 06, Su 07, Su 08, Su 09, Su 10, Su 11, Su 12, Su 13)
  • Machine Learning (Wi 09/10, Wi 10/11, Wi 11/12, Wi 12/13, Wi 13/14, Wi 14/15)

Previous Master Courses

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (Binfo)

  • Database Management I (Data Modeling and SQL: Su 04, Su 05, Su 06, Su 07, Su 08, Wi 08/09, Wi 09/10, Wi 10/11, Wi 11/12, Wi 12/13, Wi 13/14, Wi 14/15)
  • Database Management II (Database Internals: Wi 04/05, Wi 05/06, Wi 06/07, Wi 07/08, Wi 08/09, Su 09, Su 10, Su 11, Su 12, Su 13, Su 14)

Previous Bachelor Courses

  • Business Intelligence (Wi 03/04, Wi 04/05, Wi 05/06, Wi 06/07, Wi 07/08, Wi 08/09, Wi 09/10, Wi 10/11, Wi 11/12, Wi 12/13)
  • Information Visualization (Wi 03/04, Wi 04/05, Wi 06/07, Wi 07/08)
  • Scripting Languages (Wi 03/04, Wi 04/05, Wi 05/06, Wi 06/07, Wi 07/08)


@Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main

Diploma in Computer Science


@University Potsdam

Diploma in Computer Science

  • Data Mining (Wi 02/03)
  • Medical Computer Science (Su 03)

Certification Course IBM - DB2 Database

  • IBM DB2 V9 Certification Tests 730 and 731 - October 8, 2008 (UL)
  • IBM DB2 V9 Certification Tests 730 - September 24, 2008 (UL)
  • IBM DB2 V9 Certification Tests 730 and 731 - 2002 (Goethe-University Frankfurt)
  • IBM DB2 V9 Certification Tests 730 - 2002 (Goethe-University Frankfurt)

Last updated on: 02 Jul 2014


Current Doctoral Candidates

Current Co-Supervisions

Supervised PhD Students

Member of PhD Defences

  • Dr. Philippe Blanca (2014), Chairman of the Defence Jury
  • Dr. Cynthia Wagner (2012), Chairman of the Defence Jury

Other former members

Former Master/Diploma Candidates @ Uni Luxembourg

  • Rahmi Emre Ocakdan: Implementation of k-Anonymity to protect sensitive data. 2014.
  • Cristina Ghet: Preserving innocence and traps perspective in linguistic steganography, 2014.
  • Sergio Sousa: Intention Detection for BCI-controlled Robots. 2011.
  • Francois Beckius: A Method for Closed-Loop Brain-Computer-Interface Training Using a 14-Channel EEG. 2011.
  • Ronny Heinz: Do you know who you are - using scientific paper abstracts for author profiling. 2010.
  • Cailing Dong: Text Mining and Characterization of Bibliographic Communities.
  • Naipeng Dong: A Fingerprint Engine for Author Profiling. Master Thesis, 2008.
  • Yafang Wang: Associative Mind-maps for Trust Modeling. Master Thesis. 2008.
  • Claudine Brucks. Semantic Network Learning from Textual Streams. Master Thesis. 2008.
  • Cynthia Wagner: CoZo+: A framework for Content Zoning of Text Streams. Master Thesis. 2008.
  • Sviatlana Danilava: (University of Luxembourg and JW Goethe University): Attitude Mining zur Erkennung von Modalitaeten. 2008.
  • Ejikeme Uzoghukwu: Adaptive Netting in Data Streams. Master Thesis. 2007.
  • Conny Uhde (University of Luxembourg and JW Goethe University). Untersuchungen zur Autorenprofilierung in Texten mit Hilfe eines Clusteringansatzes. 2007.

and many undergraduate students performing their Bachelor-Theses...

Former Master/Diploma Candidates @ University of Potsdam

  • Patrick Duessel, University of Luxembourg and University of Potsdam: Grid-Mining for Association Rules. 2005.

Former Master/Diploma Candidates @ Goethe-University Frankfurt

  • Sun Qin (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): Integration manueller Kategorisierungsregeln in die automatische Kategorisierung im Text Mining (IBM Laboratory, Boeblingen, 2003.
  • Silvia Burst (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): Erweiterung eines Mining-Szenario fuer die Analyse von Marktdaten nach WpHG Paragraph 9. IBM Laboratory, Boeblingen and BAFin - Bundesamt fuer Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht. 2003.
  • Henry Helff (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): Analyse des TV-Sehverhaltens fuer Database Marketing (with Ogilvy & Mather. 1999.
  • Anja Kreis (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): Anwendung von Data Mining im Wirkstoffdesign (with Bayer, Leverkusen. 1998.
  • Sascha Kaufmann (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): TS-SOM: Segmentierung mit selbstorganisierenden Karten am Beispiel von Telekommunikationsdaten (with AT&T, Frankfurt/Main. 1998.
  • Jochen Schmidt (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): Korrelationsanalyse von Musterclustern in Zeitreihendaten (with Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt/Main. 1998.
  • Michael Hopf (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): Anwendung von Data Mining/Knowledge Discovery im Naturstoff Screening (with Aventis, Frankfurt/Main. 1998.
  • Michaela Pfeifer (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): MP-KLASS: Ein interaktives Data Mining-Werkzeug zur Entscheidungsfindung innerhalb eines Krankenhausinformationssystems (with SMS, Eschborn. 1997.
  • Matthias Stemmler (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): STLearn: Ein Data Mining-Werkzeug zur Klassifikation von Daten mit Hilfe eines baumorientierten Lernverfahrens. 1996.

Former Co-Supervisions of Master/Diploma Students

  • Diana Marosin. Changing Enterprise Architectures: Abstract Framework, Revision Procedures and Algorithms. 2012.
  • Paul Bicheler. A toolkit for table-based tangible widgets. 2012.
  • Damien Garot. The n-tier Interactional and Pro-active Architecture of a SCORM Compliant Learning Management System. 2009.
  • Jun Ma. 2008.
  • Jayanta Poray. 2008.
  • Gerard de Melo, University of Frankfurt. 2007.
  • Jasmin Dzaferovic, University of Frankfurt. 2007.
  • Jihua Xun (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): Evaluierung von Java-Parsern. JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main. 2004.
  • Sascha Slomka (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): Adaptive Analyse von Finanzdaten mit Regelsystemen. Gesellschaft fuer Zahlungssysteme. 1999.
  • Isabel Scheiding (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): Modellierung von HyTime Architectural Forms als Grundlage fuer das Annotieren strukturierter Dokumente. 1996.
  • Joachim Birken (JW Goethe-University Frankfurt/M.): Entwicklung einer Programmierschnittstelle fuer repetierenden Betrieb auf einer assoziativen Datenflussarchitektur. 1994.

Last updated on: 20 Oct 2014

Data Science Projects

as an IT Architect with IBM R&D (1998 - 2001) and IBM Software Group (2001 - 2003) at Shanghai Stock Exchange (China; Finance), Arcadia (England; Retail), and many others.


Book Chapters

  • P. Gentsch, U. Mueller, C. Schommer: Analytisches CRM in der Praxis: Vorgehensmodell, Praxisbeispiele und Erfolgsfaktoren. In Ahlert et al.: Customer Relationship Marketing im Handel - Strategien, Anwendungen, Erfahrungen. Springer Verlag, 2002.
  • C. Schommer, U. Mueller: Data Mining im eCommerce: ein Fallbeispiel zur erweiterten Logfile-Analyse In HMD - Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik. Band 06/2001 Business Intelligence, Vol. 222.
  • C. Schommer, H. Muster, R. Grund: Churn Prediction mit neuronalen Klassifikationsverfahren. In Neuronale Netze im Marketing-Management. Praxisorientierte Einfuehrung in modernes Data-Mining von Klaus-Peter Wiedmann und Frank Buckler. Gabler, zweite Auflage 2003, p 275. ISBN: 978-3409216739.

Industrial Papers

  • C. Schommer: Discovering Fraud Behaviour in Call Detailed Records. SecDay - 2010 Grande Region Security and Reliability Day. Saarbruecken 2010.
  • W. Mayer, C. Schommer: Mobile Patient Record Management through DB2 Everyplace In: Mobile Computing in Medicine, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2002. Bibtex
  • C. Schommer, H.D. Wehle: From VSE/ESA data to Business Intelligence VSE Newsletter G225-4508-21, November 2000, published in VDI-Newsletter 2000.
  • T. Bollinger, C. Schommer, H. D. Wehle: Profitabler Einsatz von Data Mining im Customer Relationship am Beispiel der Investitionsgueterindustrie In: VDI-Berichte, Band 1381 Computational Intelligence - Neuronale Netze - Evolutionaere Algorithmen - Fuzzy Control im industriellen Einsatz. 2000.
  • T. Bollinger, C. Schommer, H.D. Wehle: Vorhersage von Lieferzeiten. IS Report - Zeitschrift fuer betriebswirtschaftliche Informationssysteme. 4. Jahrgang, 6/2000.
  • C. Schommer: Data Mining: die Suche nach versteckten Informationen im Data Warehouse Proceedings 7. Kolloquium Software - Entwicklungen, Methoden, Werkzeuge. Ostfildern, September 1997.


  • C. Schommer: IBM Intelligent Miner for Data. University of Potsdam, Dept. of Computer Science. May 30, 2002.
  • C. Schommer: Application of Data Mining in Medicine, AIME 2001, European Society for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Cascais, Portugal, 2001.
  • S. Bayerl, C. Schommer: Mining in eCommerce Systems, 12th Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE), 2000, Stockholm, Sweden

Last updated on: 02 Jul 2014

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See detailFinding Outliers in Satellite Patterns by Learning Pattern Identities
Bouleau, Fabien; Schommer, Christoph

in Filipe, Joacquim; Fred, Ana (Eds.) Proceedings "6th International Conference on Agents an Artificial Intelligence" (2014, January)

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See detailA Hidden Markov Model to detect relevance in nancial documents based on on/off topics
Kampas, Dimitrios; Schommer, Christoph; Sorger, Ulrich

in European Conference on Data Analysis (2014)

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Bouleau, Fabien; Schommer, Christoph

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Danilava, Sviatlana; Busemann, Stephan; Schommer, Christoph; Ziegler, Gudrun

in Proceedings "5th International Conference on Agents an Artificial Intelligence" (2013)

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See detailWhy are you Silent? - Towards Responsiveness in Chatbots
Danilava, Sviatlana; Busemann, Stephan; Schommer, Christoph; Ziegler, Gudrun

in Avec le Temps! Time, Tempo, and Turns in Human-Computer Interaction". Workshop at CHI 2013, Paris, France (2013)

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See detailA Hybrid Classification System to find News that is relevant
Kampas, Dimitrios; Schommer, Christoph

in ECDA 2013 (2013)

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See detailDomain-driven news representation using conditional attribute-value pairs
Minev, Mihail; Schommer, Christoph

in Ferro, Nicola (Ed.) PROMISE Winter School 2013: Bridging between Information Retrieval and Databases (2013)

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See detailNews Representation with Multi-Word Features
Minev, Mihail; Schommer, Christoph

in Proceedings ECDA (2013, July)

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See detailA Prospect on How to Find the Polarity of a Financial News by Keeping an Objective Standpoint
Schommer, Christoph; Kampas, Dimitrios; Bersan, Roxana

in Proceedings ICAART 2013 (2013, February)

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See detailFeature Extraction and Representation for Economic Surveys
Schommer, Christoph; Minev, Mihail; Grammatikos, Theoharry; Schaefer, Ulrich

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