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Alumni Committee

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and it will take the entire university to build an alumni network. In order to ensure communication, coordination and sharing of ideas and best practice, an Alumni Committee has been formed, representing each of the Faculties and Interdisciplinary Centres, and including a member from the Student Delegation.

The Alumni Committee members are the first point of contact for their part of the University. The members are:


Andy Adams
Alumni Relations Senior Specialist

Sophie Wagner
Communication officer LCSB

Aurélie Couvidat
Communication officer FSTM


Anne Dandeville
Team Leader for the advancement portfolio FDEF 

Morgane Hugues
Communication officer SnT

Chantal Englert
Communication officer FDEF


Sarah Finot
Communication officer FHSE

Isabelle Voegeli
Communication officer C2DH

Naveen Aruchamy
Student delegation