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ForumZ is a new event series organized by the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH). ForumZ (Z for “Zeitgeschichte”, contemporary history) is a platform for a critical and open discussion of current issues in contemporary Luxembourg and European history. Archives and museum representatives, researchers, and teachers, as well as the interested public are warmly invited to join our invited guests and experts for a discussion of current issues, important research perspectives, and new approaches or sources in contemporary history.

More information on https://www.c2dh.uni.lu/forum-z


C2DH ForumZ Digital Archives

11 February 2017
Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain

Archives in the digital age. Challenges and Opportunities

Table ronde with Andreas Fickers (Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, C²DH), Josée Kirps (Archives Nationales), Jean-Marie Ottelé (industrie.lu), Joëlle Weis (Université du Luxembourg) and other invited guests. Moderation by Pia Oppel (Radio 100,7).

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C2DH ForumZ L'ombre de la Seconde Guerre mondiale

25 March 2017
Centre national de l'audiovisuel (CNA)

L'ombre de la Seconde Guerre mondiale

Le deuxième ForumZ portera sur la question de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, de son histoire, de sa mémoire, de ses héritages et entend dégager des perspectives de recherche sur les phénomènes d’occupation, d’enrôlement forcé, de résistance, de collaboration, de persécution des juifs. Il débutera avec la formule History Slam: 10 X 6, 10 orateurs/oratrices, 6 minutes par orateur/oratrice, 10 regards différents. Ces présentations seront suivies d’un échange autour de 10 tables sur les 10 thèmes exposés. Après les conclusions tirées du débat, l’après-midi sera clôturée par un récital de "Liberation songs" de Frank Mehring et un cocktail/réception.

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ForumZ: The future of storytelling

17 June 2017
Centre national de littérature
The future of storytelling in history
The third ForumZ will focus on the future of storytelling. How has the emergence of the digital era affected the age-old art of telling tales? After an introduction by Prof. Dr Andreas Fickers, Director of the C²DH, on the current issues and future challenges facing storytelling in history, members of the centre will briefly describe the innovative projects and experimental methods that they are currently developing in this field. The floor will then be opened to the public for a discussion moderated by Dr Claude Conter, Director of the National Centre for Literature.

More information available at www.c2dh.uni.lu/forum-z


ForumZ: Glocal histories of finance

6 July 2017
Banque de Luxembourg

Glocal histories of finance

The fourth ForumZ will focus on the history of the financial sector in Luxembourg. Which stories should be told and which archives can be used? The 2007 financial crisis and its consequences, as well as the various tax evasion scandals (LuxLeaks, Panama Papers, etc.), demonstrated the involvement and importance of the Luxembourg financial industry in a globalised financial network. These periods of crisis and scandal highlighted the absence of any in-depth research on this question and the need for a historical approach that focuses on the contemporary period in Luxembourg. How has the financial sector influenced Luxembourg society? Which archives can historians use to tell this story? How do key players in the financial sector interpret the recent financial history of Luxembourg?
Bernard Thomas, a journalist at the Lëtzebuerger Land, will moderate the discussion by presenting different archives to the four panellists and asking them which histories they would like to tell.

More information available at www.c2dh.uni.lu/forum-z