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New book “Histoire de la justice au Luxembourg (1795 à nos jours)”

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Published on Wednesday, 08 December 2021

The book was edited by the Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) of the University of Luxembourg and was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice. It is published in French and reviews the history of justice in Luxembourg.

Edited by Vera Fritz, Denis Scuto and Elisabeth Wingerter, “Histoire de la justice au Luxembourg (1795 à nos jours)” is an unprecedented contribution to the study of the development of the State of Luxembourg over 200 years. Illustrated with photographs and archival documents, it is intended for both experts and curious readers.

The publication studies in particular the introduction of contemporary jurisdictions during the French period, under the Directoire, the Consulat and the Empire, as well as the judicial organisation in the independent Grand Duchy in the 19th century, until the constitutional reform in 2000.

The book also examines the identity and recruitment of magistrates, the history of criminal law and prisons, justice in wartime as well as the impact of international law and European courts.

The initiative was launched in 2017 by Minister of Justice Felix Braz, and supported by current Minister of Justice Sam Tanson. The research perspective was twofold:

  • a chronological study of the contemporary history of justice in Luxembourg from 1815,
  • thematic studies which question specific aspects of this history.

This new book constitutes the first phase of publication of results. A virtual exhibition will follow in 2022.

The book will be available from 22 December onwards with book sellers in Luxembourg and on the website of De Gruyter, at 49.95 euros. It is part of the collection “Études sur l’histoire contemporaine transnationale du Luxembourg” edited by the C²DH and published by De Gruyter.