The Language Centre courses are open to students and PhDs only; they are not open to external people.


How to register in a course?

  • Regular students and PhDs: via the Guichet Etudiant
  • Incoming students: if the course is on your learning agreement, please revert to your study program administration

 Registration period: winter semester: from 12th  September to 2nd October 2022

Where to find the language courses on the Guichet Etudiant?

  • Bachelor or Master students: under “other courses” or directly in your course listing if the course is integrated in your study program
  • PhD students: under “other courses

How does registration work?

  • Registration is only possible if seats are available
  • First check the schedule of the course and make sure it is compatible with your course planning
  • Make a registration request: if it is accepted, you will be notified that you can participate in the course and will get access to the Moodle page of the course. Your registration will validated afterwards by your study program and the course will be visible on your student portal.

Is there a waiting-list if the course is full? There is no waiting-list. But seats may get available during the registration period: please check the availability regularly during the registration period.

 After registration, where to find the course material and all course details?

The Guichet Etudiant is synchronized with Moodle: each language courses is linked to a specific Moodle page where participants can find all details of the course: general information, Webex link for connection if the course is taught remotely, course material… etc. After registering for a course on the student portal, you will have access to the course's Moodle page within 24 hours. Please do not wait until the start of the course to check that you can access it.

  • PhD students: please note the Guichet Etudiant is linked to your student IDs. You'll have to use your student IDs to log into Moodle. Please contact the IT helpdesk if you need assistance (phone extension 9911)

 How to cancel registration in a language course?

You can cancel it via the Guichet Etudiant during the registration period only. Once this period is over and your study programme has validated your registration, the course registration is final.

How to get the results of the course (mark/ECTS) at the end of the course?

  • Assessment modalities are specified in the course description on the Guichet Etudiant. Most language courses are evaluated in the form of continuous assessment or in a combined form: evaluation during the semester and a final evaluation by the end of the course.
  • Grades are sent by the end of the semester to all study programs and doctoral schools for them to register it. No need to contact the language centre or the course lecturer to obtain your grade.
  • No certificate is delivered by the language centre. Your grade and the corresponding ECTS will appear on your transcript (main transcript or program complement)