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Parliamentary chair

The Research Chair in Parliamentary Studies of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies, held by Prof. Philippe Poirier, Professor of Political Science and qualified to direct research, was launched in autumn 2011.

In close collaboration with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Fernand Etgen, the Secretary General, Laurent Scheeck, the Honorary Secretary General, Claude Frieseisen, and the Steering Committee (composed of the deputies, Mars di Bartolomeo, André Bauler, Fernand Kartheiser, Charles Margue, Laurent Mosar and Lydia Mutsch),

The Chair contributes to research activities in the fields of public policy, political sociology, parliamentary and constitutional law, European legislative studies and comparative politics. Its current and past projects focus on :

  1. Parliaments and comparative constitutional innovations ;
  2. Parliament, deliberative functions, referendums and petitions ;
  3. Parliaments and the Office for the Assessment of Public Policies and Scientific Issues ;
  4. Parliament and economic governance at national and European level ;
  5. Europeanisation and internationalisation of standards for the organisation of democracy ;
  6. Values and elections.









In September 2020, in partnership with the University of Aix-Marseille, Babes-Bolyai University and Laval University, it created the Master's degree in Parliamentary Studies.

Since October 2021, in partnership with the Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie, which brings together more than 90 assemblies around the world, the Chair has been developing training and research projects in the following areas: digital democracy, digitisation of the law, parliamentary diplomacy, parliamentary ethics and deontology, comparative legislation, multi-level parliamentarisms and expertise for the Parliaments of Albania, Cambodia, Lebanon, Moldova, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the European Parliament. With a budget of almost 1 million euros over four years, the Chair develops doctoral and post-doctoral research, produces academic publications (Collection études parlementaires - éditions Larcier- Bruylant) and designs an internship programme for students working in the Luxembourg Parliament, the Luxembourg Council of State, French-speaking parliaments and the European Parliament. In addition, the Chair is initiating collaboration with legislative study centres in the Americas and the European Union, while diversifying its sources of funding from European framework programmes (Erasmus+, Horizon 2030, etc.) and the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR).

The Parliamentary Studies Research Chair also provides financial and logistical support for research projects, funds and develops doctoral research, produces academic and general public publications and creates a professional internship programme within the Parliament for students of the Master in European Governance at the University of Luxembourg.

The Research Chair develops scientific and institutional collaborations with all the existing centres and chairs in parliamentary studies in the Commonwealth and the European Union.

In July 2012, the Parliamentary Studies Collection published by Bruylant, Groupe Larcier, was launched under the direction of Prof. Philippe Poirier.

For further information: demos@uni.lu