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Frequently asked questions

Last update: 21 July 2020

Facilities and services

Is the University closed now?

As of 1 July 2020 the University is open to external visitors again, Social distancing rules apply; face masks must be worn if they cannot be respected. As many members of staff work remotely, visitors are requested to make contact by email or set up appointments.

All non-essential visits to the University should be postponed or transitioned to online/remote formats, such as Moodle, Skype or Webex.

Remote teaching and learning continue to be the norm. From 4 May onwards there will be rare exceptions for in-person practical teaching sessions, which cannot take place remotely.

What about the University’s services to students?

The University’s services to students will remain accessible remotely. Students can contact the SEVE or the Office of Doctoral Studies preferably via email, and a Webex or in-person meeting can be organised if absolutely necessary.

SEVE Housing and Admissions is accessible for in-person meetings by appointment only. There will be no access to the waiting area.

Contact details:

Hotline: 46 66 44 6060 – Monday to Friday 9.00 - 16.00

Meetings are only possible in case of emergencies and on appointment.

  • Student service - Psychological support: aidepsycho@uni.lu
  • Student service - Inclusion (questions with regards to integration, financial issues, special needs):  inclusion@uni.lu

Student service – emergencies: please call +352 46 66 44 6783

PhD students: Office of Doctoral Studies - phdstudies@uni.lu

Career Centre: Student counselling continues. However, we kindly ask all students to address their requests via email (careercentre@uni.lu) if possible.

What about the Learning Centre (LLC)? Can I borrow or return books?

From 27 July to 21 August, the LLC building will be closed due to maintenance work.

The following LLC services will be available at the Maison du Savoir, on the first floor:    

  • a computer room
  • a photocopying area
  • the daily press
  • individual workspaces (Monday to Friday, 8.00 to 17.00)

The library’s online collections will be accessible remotely via the catalogue www.a-z.lu

Advice and assistance from the librarians are available at the MSA from 10.00 am to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00 and remotely via askalibrarian@uni.lu.

Print collections will not be accessible from 27 July to 21 August 2020. Please borrow the books you need this summer before 24 July from the LLC.

During your visit, it is mandatory to wear a mask or scarf/buff and to wash or disinfect your hands before touching the books on the shelves. You are also asked to respect social distancing.
It is forbidden to move furniture as the furniture and work spaces have been adapted to allow a safe distance between users. You are asked to respect the signage on site and the instructions given by the LLC staff.

For any questions, library registration and research assistance, we remain available online via askalibrarian@uni.lu

Are there any other ways do reserve and borrow books from the Luxembourg Learning Centre?

Yes, the Book Taxi is operating again. The Book Taxi is a service that enables you to reserve and borrow books from the Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC) without having to go to Belval in person – you can simply ask for the books to be transferred to Kirchberg, Weicker or Limpertsberg.

Find more about the book taxi.

I am a University student and I do not have access to a computer or laptop. Can I borrow one from the University?

Yes, for University students the University of Luxembourg offers a special 48-hour laptop rental. All devices are disinfected after every user.

If you are interested in the laptop rental please refer to the staff of the Luxembourg Learning Centre.

Will restaurants and other food facilities on campus reopen?

University restaurants will continue to provide limited service during the summer period. The full restaurant service will remain closed at all University restaurants until September. Take-out lunch bag service (“Frupstut”) is available in Restaurant Altius (Kirchberg Campus) and Food House (Belval Campus) only.

The opening times of all University restaurants are:

Campus Kirchberg

  • Restaurant ALTIUS: Lunch-bag take-out service available. As of 20 July, the service must always be booked in advance to limit food waste(*). The bagged lunches can be collected between 11:30am and 1:00pm.
  • Brasserie John’s: closed until 1 September 2020

Campus Belval

  • Food House: Lunch-bag take-out service available. No need to book it in advance.
  • Food Zone / FOOD CAFÉ / FOOD LAB: closed until 1 September 2020

Campus Limpertsberg

  • Restaurant Um WEIER: closed from 15 July to 13 September 2020. No lunch-bag service available during this period.

(*)For University employees ordering a “Frupstut” for the first time:

  • Download the 'Restopolis app.
  • Go to the restaurant’s cash desk.
  • Badge at the cash desk with your University staff card.
  • Ask the cashier to print out the QR code.
  • Scan the QR code with the app.
  • Book your Frupstut via the app.

For subsequent orders, simply place an order via the app.

Restopolis expects that the offer in place before the current health crisis will be offered again from the start of the winter semester 2020/2021. However, this plan may be adjusted as the situation evolves.

Moreover, Restopolis has decided to adapt the prices to be more advantageous for the adult population. Additional information can be found here.

In the kitchen areas, please remember to keep a distance of at least two (2) metres to colleagues at all times.

What about campus sports?

Campus Life classes will remain in remote mode until end of this term. However, outdoor sports activities of non-competitive nature without physical contact are permitted. A list of allowed activities can be downloaded here.


The Open Day (21 March 2020) was cancelled. Will other events and conferences be cancelled?

No social events, gatherings or receptions are permitted in July and August 2020 in University buildings. Special rules apply for Doctoral thesis defences.