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Frequently asked questions

Last update: 20 May 2020

I suspect a COVID-19 infection or I have already tested positive for COVID-19 and I am living in a student residence. What should I do?

If a COVID-19 infection is suspected or, if you have been tested positively on COVID-19, you should self-isolate yourself immediately for a minimum of 14 days after the onset of symptoms (or upon confirmation to be a suspected case).
Contact with other people must be absolutely avoided.

You also should:

  1. Follow the doctor's instructions (mask and medication);
  2. Call 46 66 44 5555 to notify and send an email to healthinfo@uni.lu
  3. Strictly follow the sanitary recommendations.
  4. Stay in your room. Do not use the shared kitchen.
  5. Please check with your roommates via social media if someone can go grocery shopping for you and provide you with the essentials. All purchases should be left outside in front of your room, personal contact should be avoided.
  6. If you share your bathroom, please clean it thoroughly after each use with normal detergent (shower, washbasin, toilet).

For further details, please see recommendations for "Isolation at home for people living under the same roof" by the ministry.

Does the suspension of teaching activities have an impact on student residences?

As a precautionary measure to de-densify student residences, we suggest to student residents who have the possibility to go back to their family home to do so.

We will not close student residences but if there were to be a case of Covid-19 in a residence, a lower density of population would reduce the spread of the virus. Doctoral candidates should discuss their plans with their advisor first.

For those students remaining in student residences, please make sure to follow our guidelines.

I live in a student residence and have financial difficulties. Can I postpone my rent?

The Covid-19 pandemic affects our daily lives in multiple ways. For some of us, financial difficulties may add to the burden of the crisis. The University will make it possible for students living in University residences to postpone the payment of their rent.

They will be allowed to spread out the repayment of the rent over the duration of their studies. This measure applies to all Bachelor and Master students, as well as all PhD students whose research is self-funded and who are living in a University residence.

More detailed information and what to do to benefit from rent deferral can be found on the student residences site.

Are there additional support options for students with financial difficulties?

Students in a particularly precarious situation also have the possibility to apply for support from the University's hardship fund.

Each application to this hardship fund will be assessed individually against set criteria, and grants are made based on the evidence provided, within the limits of available funding. Further information on the requirements and application procedure can be found here.

I currently live at a student residence but I want to leave due to COVID-10. What should I do?

If a student decides to leave the residence definitely, he or she should inform seve.logement@uni.lu. The contract will be cancelled and only the rent for the current month needs to be paid.

If a student decides to go home during the distance learning phase, he or she keeps their room and the contract remains valid. The rent is to be paid normally. For hardship cases please contact seve.logement@uni.lu.

I will return to my residence or I am a new resident starting my stay. Are their any precaution measures I need to take?

Newly arriving residents are asked to monitor their health and in case they show any symptoms of Covid-19 or otherwise do not feel well to self-isolate themselves immediately, call the doctor with whom they are registered here in Luxembourg or the national hotline 8002 8080. For further information, check the health and safety instructions.

Are there any rules to follow concerning shared spaces?

We ask all students who decide to stay at the student residences to help stop the spread of the coronavirus by adhering these guidelines.