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Frequently asked questions

Last update: 18 June 2020

Remote work

Where can I find more information on working and teaching remotely?

Visit our website remote.uni.lu.

I will work remotely. What do I need to do?

If you work remotely, a request should be officially submitted via SAP Fiori > My Leave Requests, selecting the category “Covid19-Remote work” and detailing your country of work.

You are expected to follow and comply with the guidelines as detailed in the “Remote work during the COVID 19 crisis period” document that can be found here. (PDF on the intranet, accessible via VPN)

I cannot work remotely for technical reasons. When can I come back to campus?

If you cannot work remotely your presence on site will be required as of 1 July. Please consult your line manager.

I am an extern (e.g. visiting researcher, consultant), an intern or a student. Can I work remotely? How can I declare it?

Externals are allowed to work remotely if agreed upon with the University supervisor and if applicable according to their employer’s terms and conditions. However, they need to comply with the University’s remote work guidelines.

Interns or, students with working contracts, and externals need to send their University supervisor’s approval to absence@uni.lu 

Return to campus

Can I come back to work if I want to?

As of 1 July 2020, the University encourages the return of staff to campus. No prior authorisation is required.

More information regarding the return to campus can be found on the intranet.


How can I access SAP Fiori to declare my absences or remote work?

The SAP Fiori portal is available here.

To log in from outside of the University, you need your credentials (login:firstname.lastname; Password:windows password).

What does leave for family reasons mean?

Please, consult guichet.lu website.

I need to take leave for family reasons. What do I do?

A specific procedure is in place to allow parents, who need to assure the care of their children under 4 years old, or aged from 4 up to 13 - in case it has not been possible to find them a place in a childcare structure, as well as children who are vulnerable to Covid-19, to take leave for family reasons until 15 July 2020. Further information regarding the leave for family reasons COVID-19 as well as the forms can be found on Guichet.lu.


I am a resident of Belgium, what will be the fiscal impact of remote working?

The Final Protocol of the Belgian-Luxembourg Convention provides for a tolerance rule allowing the cross-border worker to exercise his activity for a maximum of 24 days outside his usual State of activity while remaining taxable in this State.

The Belgian and Luxembourg authorities consider that the current situation linked to the coronavirus constitutes a case of force majeure, for which no day is to be counted under the 24-day rule.

Therefore, it was decided that from 14 March, 2020, the presence of a worker at his home, in particular to carry out telework, will not be taken into account in the calculation of the 24-day period. This measure is applicable until further notice.

(Press release from the Ministry of Finance)

I am a French resident, what will be the fiscal impact of remote working?

The Franco-Luxembourg tax convention signed in 2018 stipulates that French cross-border workers can work remotely from France for up to 29 days for the benefit of their Luxembourg employer without the related pay being taxed in France.

The French and Luxembourg authorities consider that the current coronavirus situation constitutes a case of force majeure. It has therefore been agreed that, from 14 March 2020, the presence of a worker at his home to carry out his job there may not be taken into account in calculating the 29-day period. This measure is applicable until further notice.

(Press release by the Ministry of Finance)


My current residence permit/visa is expiring within the coming months. What should I do?

The Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs would like to recall that, given the state of crisis, it is important to limit the movement of people at national and international level in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

To this end, and in order to avoid any undermining of the rights conferred on them by the residence document they hold, the residence of third-country nationals holding one of the following documents, which would expire as from 1 March 2020, shall be lawful for the duration of the state of crisis:

  • Short and long-stay visas;
  • Temporary residence permits;
  • Permanent residence permits;
  • Residence permits.

Please consult the government website for more information.


Will my salary continue to be paid now that I am asked to stay off campus?

Yes, since your absence is at the request of the employer. For further questions, please contact HR by email at the following address: hr.fo@uni.lu


Which tools should I use when offering video conferences?

For security reasons the University recommends to only use Skype for business or WebEx.

We ask you to no longer use the tool Zoom for virtual meetings as several privacy and security risks have been raised by different researchers. Further information regarding the topic can be found on our Remote Work website.

Support and volunteering

I am a researcher and I would like to contribute to the national COVID-19 task force. What should I do?

Researchers who would like to contribute an idea to the national Covid-19 taskforce can now use the online platform lux-covid19.lu. Importantly, the FNR will soon set up a special program on the COVID-19 and a fast-track call to provide initial funding for research projects. In order to be eligible for the FNR Call, short descriptions of project ideas must first be published on the COVID-19 platform before April 8th .

Further HR related questions

Where can I get more information regarding HR-related questions (e.g. remote work, leave, benefits, recruitment, tax, travel, visa, volunteering)?

Information and guidance concerning HR topics like:

  • Remote work (e.g. how to work remotely, what to do if you cannot work remotely…)
  • Leave (e.g. how to declare absences, information regarding leave for family reasons…)
  • Benefits (e.g. information regarding salary, lunch vouchers, sympass card…)
  • Recruitment (e.g. information regarding job interviews)
  • Travel (e.g. information regarding business trips, cross-border commuters…)
  • Tax (e.g. fiscal impact of remote work)
  • Visa (e.g. what to do if your visa expires)
  • New Joiners (information regarding new employees)
  • Volunteers (e.g. what to so if you want to volunteer to support neighbours, associations…)

can be found in the intranet.

If you are not able to access the intranet please contact hr.fo@uni.lu.