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Frequently asked questions

Last update: 11 June 2021

Facilities and services

Is the University open for visitors?

The University is open to external visitors. Social distancing rules apply; face masks must be worn if they cannot be respected. As many members of staff work remotely, visitors are requested to make contact by email or set up appointments.

What about the University’s services to students?

Please refer to the guidelines.

Contact details:

What about the Learning Centre (LLC)? Can I borrow or return books?

Please refer to the guidelines

Are there any other ways to reserve and borrow books from the Luxembourg Learning Centre?

The Book Taxi service is available for all staff members, PhD students and students based outside of Belval Campus.

Additional information on the website.

I am a University student and I do not have access to a computer or laptop. Can I borrow one from the University?

Yes, for University students the University of Luxembourg offers a special 48-hour laptop rental. All devices are disinfected after every user.

If you are interested in the laptop rental please refer to the staff of the Luxembourg Learning Centre.

Are restaurants and other food facilities on campus open?

Please check the website for the opening times of the university restaurants.

In the kitchen areas inside the University buildings, please remember to keep a distance of at least two (2) metres to colleagues at all times.

Are events and conferences taking place again at the University?

Please consult the guidelines for social events, gatherings or receptions.

Please consult the guidelines for scientific events such as symposia or conferences

What about extra-curricular activities such as sports or student lounges?

Please refer to the guidelines.