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Information for PhD students


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Frequently asked questions

Last update: 18 September 2020

This page provides additional information, which applies exclusively to doctoral candidates. For general information about health, safety, exams, remote teaching and learning, student residences, services and facilities etc., please refer to the other FAQ sections.

Will the PhD requirements be more flexible?

Besides the general rules and requirements on a central level, your doctoral programme might have additional and specific requirements. Any requirement to be fulfilled within your doctoral programme should be discussed with your supervisor and the doctoral programme coordinator. There should be a flexible way to adapt to the current situation, for example if you cannot go to a planned conference etc. Please contact the BED in case you encounter difficulties.

I am a PhD student. How will the participation in transferable skills courses (at the University or elsewhere) be recognised by the University in the current context?

The course administration should provide a certificate at the end of the course (as it is always the case in TS courses held at the University) or as alternatively a proof of registration and attendance (e.g. email). Please make sure to submit the certificate to the secretary of your doctoral school for recognition.

May the deadline for submission of the thesis be extended during the pandemic?

Yes, there will be flexibility, especially for those who are currently in their last year.

Several PhD candidates will need a prolongation of their PhD work. Prolongations beyond 48 months request a formal procedure, which has been approved by the government through an annexe to the Règlement des études. This annexe allows for a period of suspension of the doctoral studies (up to one semester/6 months), in order to compensate the time loss during the Coronavirus crisis. However, there will be no global suspension for all doctoral candidates but rather a case-to-case evaluation as the impact is different for each doctoral candidate. The first point of contact to request such an extension is your supervisor.

A communication was sent to all supervisors and doctoral candidates on 27 May 2020, which explains the procedure.

In case you need more information, please contact phdstudies@uni.lu.

Can a CET (comité d'encadrement de thèse) meeting be postponed?

Yes, a CET meeting can be postponed, if it cannot be done remotely. Please inform the Office of doctoral studies (BED) in this case at phdstudies@uni.lu. If this (postponed) CET meeting is important for the prolongation of your work contract, your supervisor needs to confirm your good progress, and the BED will liaise with HR to take the necessary steps.

I am a PHD student and my defence is coming up. What do I do?

Please refer to the guidelines.