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Quiz - Luxembourg and the European Union

How much do you know about Europe and the links between Luxembourg and the European Union?

Europe Day, introduced in 1985 by the European Council, is celebrated on 9 May in all the European Union Member States. Since 2019 it has been a public holiday in Luxembourg. Luxembourg was at the forefront of the process of building a community-based Europe, and throughout the history of the European Union it has played the role of mediator and pioneer, whether as a Member State or through some of its leading politicians.

In the run-up to Europe Day, the Europe Direct Information Centre at the University of Luxembourg (EDIC) has prepared a quiz for you to test your knowledge!

Until 10 May 2020, all participants will have the opportunity to win 3 guided tours of the house where Robert Schuman grew up (Clausen-Luxembourg). A prize draw will be held to select the winner.

Click here to get to the quiz! Have fun!