Campus Art

Workshops for students and staff

By Martine Ahlborn, Britt Bernard, Alan Johnson and Asun Parrilla.

« Discover your own creativity, escape your normal daily life and get back to your roots ! »

In Luxembourg-Hollerich / Art center CARRE / 1, rue de l’aciérie &
On Campus Belval / Maison du Savoir MSA / room 4380 & 4330

No prior knowledge is necessary. Experience the recreational approach of our art classes.
A range of art books and other methods of inspiration will help you to choose your topic for reflection.
The works will be carried out individually or in a group.The courses are free and the material is provided.

Students of the BScE and BScS are specially invited to make their own practical experiences in visual arts and to get professional advice for their pedagogical careers.


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DRAWING & PAINTING: flowing transitions By Martine Ahlborn

Learn how to draw and explore painting techniques.
Discover flowing transitions between graphic art, painting and printing.

Part 1 : Learning to see – learning to draw ! ( two first sessions)

Let you inspire by beautiful photographs representing the human body or by selected nature objects. Take the time to observe the proportions, movements, expressions,… light and shadow, ...the fusion into a background….
Experience academic and intuitive drawing approaches.

We will work with pencils, charcoal, China ink, pastels and wax on a variety of papers, from heavy to translucent. Find out which tool effects and paper qualities lead you to appropriate artistic interpretations.
Get ideas about how to compose your image and how to present it.

Part 2 : drawing, painting and printing - flowing transitions
Learn how to use acrylic paint and get inspired for a topic of reflection.
Explore a variety of techniques (effects, texture, collage, wet in wet, …) and choose your support( paper, canvas, wood or transparent material).
Combine your painted work with prints : create monotypes or prints from handmade relief blocks. Insert drawings or writing in your painting.


When: Mondays  4:30 - 7 pm / March 13, 20, 27  April 3, 24      May 8, 15, 22

Where: CAMPUS ART STUDIO at the art center Carré in Luxembourg-Hollerich / 1, rue de l’aciérie


TRAVEL TREASURES & POETRY By Alan Johnston / Artist

After a good warm up with some basic drawing exercises we will draw our favorite found objects/travel souvenirs in pencil and watercolor and at the same time search for words to describe them in poetry, thus reviving images deep in our visual memory.
We will then try to re-create our voyage in images!

(It’s easier than it sounds) and the results are often surprising!

“Quand je la regarde je me rappelle de cette coquille de conque trouvée sur une plage de sable noir - ah oui…
C’était le jour je suis monté au sommet du volcan…” AJ

Please bring one or two found objects of small size.


When: Saturdays 2:00 – 5:00 pm   /   March 11, 18         

Where: ampus BELVAL / Maison du Savoir MSA / room 4.380



Travel sketch booking in and around the ‘Gronn’. If urban sketching is all the rage, travel sketchbooks have been around much longer. Prize-winning sketchbook author will lead you on a sketching tour of old Luxembourg to discover the unfamiliar hidden behind what you thought were everyday landscapes.  


When: Saturdays 10:00 - 12:00 am and 1:00 - 5:00 pm /    April 29      May 6       

Where: Meet at foot of the Saint-Esprit Elevator in Luxembourg City, in the ‘Gronn’

Bring outdoor clothes, a rucksack with picnic, a water bottle  and a small folding stool. All material will be provided but if you prefer you can bring your own sketching material. Each participant will receive a free sketchbook.



Technical introduction - Individual research - experiment - exchange


Explore different techniques of claymodelling and get familiarized with ceramics. Create your own bowls, plates, decorations… or
Model figures out of clay : life size portraits, ethnic masks, organic shapes, mural reliefs…
Feel free to try the pottery wheel !
Experience engobes and glazes for the electric kiln.


Discover the old asian technique of raku firing and get aware of pottery as a product of clay and fire !This partially outdoor activity is only offered on some warm and dry afternoons!


When: Wednesdays  4:30 - 7:30 pm / March 15, 22, 29       April 5, 26       May 3, 10, 17, 24

Where: CAMPUS ART STUDIO / located at the art center Carré in Luxembourg-Hollerich / 1, rue de l’aciérie 


FREE CLAYMODELLING (untutored) By Martine Ahlborn

Individual research – Meditative activity

Shared studio : while the tutor is leading the DRAWING AND PAINTING workshop, you may enjoy untutored working with clay.
Not for beginners ! Note, that an initiation to ceramics is offered on Wednesdays ! Limited number of participants.


When:  Mondays 4:30 – 7 pm  /  March 13, 20, 27     April 3, 24       May 8, 15, 22   

Where: CAMPUS ART STUDIO at the art center Carré in Luxembourg-Hollerich / 1, rue de l’aciérie


SELF-EXPERIENCE THROUGH ART / art therapy by Britt Bernard

Guided to free expression you arrive in a world of fantasy. You experience
pleasure to play with lines, forms and material.
Discussions about the expressions lead to deeper understanding.


When: Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm /  March 11

Where: CAMPUS ART STUDIO / located at the art center Carré in Luxembourg-Hollerich / 1, rue de l’aciérie 


STONE SCULPTURE By Martine Ahlborn

Individual research – Meditative activity – Technical introduction
Learn how to create your own stone sculpture in alabaster, steatite or sandstone.
Get inspired by the shapes and structures, explore the tools, enjoy hammering or polishing …get into a dialogue with your stone and escape daily life !


When:  Wednesdays 4:30 – 7:30 pm /  March 22, 29     April 5, 26     May 3, 10, 17, 24

Where: CAMPUS ART STUDIO / located at the art center Carré in Luxembourg-Hollerich / 1, rue de l’aciérie


NATURE ART installations, outdoor drawing and photography By Martine Ahlborn

Nature art installations combined with drawings and photoshoots :

Join us for excursions in the great outdoors and discover primary gestures and raw materials by creating playful, experimental or conceptual artistic installations from natural elements in nature.
There can be all sorts of subjects, often engendered by the site itself: traces, colors, limits, erosion, the course of the sun, shadows, secret garden, etc. A short introduction into Land Art and Nature Art will stimulate your creativity.

Photos, sketches and drawings will complete our efforts
Recommendation: Bring outdoor clothes and shoes, a picnic and your camera.


When:  Saturday 10 am - 4 pm /  May 13

Where: in the great outdoors (15 km north from Luxembourg). Possibility to get picked up at the railway station in Mersch or at the bus stop in Rollingen ( Bus 290). You may also walk through a lovely landscape from the bus stop to our working place in the forest ( +/- 1 km). 



Come to discover one of the oldest techniques of engraving : The Japanese Printmaking or Ukiyo-e  Japanese term meaning « image of the floating world ». We will learn to engrave wooden and / or linoleum plates.

We will ink them in several colors and then we will print them with a baren or on a press. With very simple Tools, you will learn how to create beautiful serial pictures…


When:  Mondays  4:30 - 7:30 pm / March 13, 20, 27    April 3

Where: CAMPUS ART STUDIO / located at the art center Carré in Luxembourg-Hollerich / 1, rue de l’aciérie