Campus Sport

Are you tired of just sitting and learning and working?
Get out and do some sports.

> Registrations will open at the reception of the Email invitation from Campus Sport or on Moodle (special link).


What is Campus Sport?

Your University has to offer much more than just knowledge.

We can offer you good shape, good mood and good trainers, and what is most important, it is free of charge.

Participate in one or several sport activities and retain your energy and strength!

SEVE and the sports trainers of the University of Luxembourg have organised the following activities for you:

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> For questions please send an e-mail to


Winter semester 2017-2018

From Monday 2nd October 2017 to Friday 26th January 2018
Registration period : From September 15th to September 25th 2017
No classes during Christmas holidays.

Summer semester 2017-2018

From Monday 26th February 2018 to Friday 22nd June 2018
Registration period : From February 5th to February 18th 2018
No classes during Easter holidays.


New programme for 2017-2018