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Experience the University - L'Université à l'essai - Studieren probieren

The University of Luxembourg invites all students to immerse themselves in university education and to participate in first-year courses. These are first-year Bachelor programmes. New dates for the action will be announced soon.

Getting a feel for the university atmosphere before taking the final exam can be very helpful: whether it is a matter of choosing a subject or simply being better prepared for the new learning environment in the autumn. This will give students a first impression of university education in this very special context. The transition from school to higher education is a milestone; all first-semester students who enrol in a Bachelor's course after their final exams will probably experience this.

At the University of Luxembourg, this action has been called "L'Université à l'essai" in French and "Studieren Probieren" in German. Pupils will be able to choose several courses from a very varied list.

For two weeks, students in the final year from Luxembourg and the Greater Region have the opportunity to attend several first-year distance learning courses. "The courses in psychology, law and economics are the most successful", says the study advisor at the Communication Service, which organises the action.

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The University of Luxembourg is a multilingual university with around 6,783 students from 130 countries. It offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees, as well as doctoral education, vocational training and continuing education.