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Administrative procedure

Online housing application

Housing application



Choice of the residence

  • We will take into account the type of accommodation you prefer, but in order to house all students under this scheme we cannot guarantee that your preferences will be met;
  • Please note - It is not always possible to guarantee your choice as some rooms and sites are oversubscribed. If this is the case, we will try to allocate the best accommodation available to meet your preference. 

Type of accommodation

  • Furnished single studio apartment: average surface: 24 m2
    average monthly rent: 695 €
  • Furnished double studio apartment (only for couple): average surface: 35 m2
    average monthly rent: 1050 €
  • Furnished two rooms apartment, one bedroom (only for couple) : average surface: 44 m2
    average monthly rent:  1120 €
    Please kindly note that the UL’s accommodation offer is not suited for families with children.

Housing proposal

Within 30 days after your online accommodation form, you will receive a confirmation of the reservation of a room or a negative answer. You will be informed by e-mail about the follow-up of your application. Check regularly your email address!

Next steps

You have received a room reservation, please follow the procedure:

  1. Confirmation of the room reservation - payment of the guarantee deposit
  2. Subscription of a home insurance
  3. Lease and key
  4. Rent