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Event date: Friday, 15 September 2017 09:30 am - 05:30 pm
Place: Università degli studi Roma Tre
Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza
Sala del Consiglio - Via Ostiense 159

Roma Italia

The Italian Experience in the European Context


The conference, which is a joint initiative of the Universities of Roma Tre and of Luxembourg, the Bank of Italy,

and Fin-Net, aims at soliciting a common discussion on the role  of alternative non-adjudicative banking and financial

disputes resolution. Speakers from the University of Luxembourg include Professor Elise Poillot and Professor Isabelle Riassetto.


The starting point will be the experience, which covers already eight years, of the Italian "Arbitro Bancario e Finanziario" (ABF)

and which is being increasingly successful and is channelling hundreds of claims which are therefore removed from ordinary

judicial settlement.

Owing to the great amount of claims the ABF has created new regional panels.

Furthermore the experience of the ABF has been replicated, this year, with the creation of the "Arbitro per le Controversie Finanziarie"

(ACF) within the Italian financial markets Authority (CONSOB).

Using the Italian experience as a possible example of "best practice" and in the view of the circulation and exchange of models,

the conference will examine the main other European alternative dispute resolution in the field of claims brought by non-professional

savers and investors, especially hit also by recent financial crisis.

Through the contributions of experts from the European Union institutions, academia, ADR centres the conference aims at providing

improved mechanisms for a truly European "better regulation".

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