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New FDEF Dean takes office

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Published on Friday, 01 September 2017

Prof. Katalin Ligeti officially took office as Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF) on Friday, 1 September 2017, marking a new chapter in both her career and the history of the Faculty.

Katalin Ligeti joined the FDEF in 2009 as an Associate Professor, later taking on a post as a full professor specialising in European and international criminal law. She was elected Dean earlier in 2017 and succeeds Prof. Stefan Braum (2012 to 2017) and Prof. André Prüm (2005-2012).

“Leading a Faculty of more than 190 professors, researchers and administrative staff as well as over 2,500 students is going to be a tremendous responsibility, but it is also a huge honour,” commented Prof. Ligeti on her appointment. Having worked alongside the outgoing Dean since the election at the end of April, Prof. Ligeti is ready to take on the challenge.

Interdisciplinary research a priority

“Both of my predecessors contributed significantly to the growth of the Faculty,” Prof. Ligeti said. “We have built strong foundations in all fields of European law as well as in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, asset management, and financial market regulation while managing to strike a good balance between scientific research and its practical application.”

Moving forward, Prof. Ligeti plans to emphasise interdisciplinary cooperation between the Faculty’s disciplines and beyond. “The University is moving towards large interdisciplinary programmes, for example in health, space resources, financial innovation and big data. We need to be a part of this process, engaging and interacting with colleagues across the University.”

This new interdisciplinary approach will also be reflected in new teaching offers, such as a planned Master in Law and Finance, and a professional Certificate in Art, Law and Finance. “Offering a first-class education is at the core of what we do,” said Prof. Ligeti. “We continuously work on ensuring that our existing programmes are up to the latest standards while also examining where we can expand our offer.” For example, the Faculty’s new Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management launches with the start of the academic year 2017-2018.

Putting people first

“The Faculty’s biggest strength is its people – our devoted members of staff, and our talented and enthusiastic students from literally all over the world,” emphasised Prof. Ligeti, explaining that everyone contributes to the Faculty’s excellence in their own way. “We are a wonderful community and it’s important that we work as a team.”

To strengthen the Faculty’s management team, Prof. Ligeti has decided to appoint two Vice-Deans, dedicated to research and teaching. “We have experienced a decade of rapid growth. Our focus now needs to be on consolidating what has been achieved,” she explained. Enhancing internal structures will be one part of this process together with fostering a collegiate and team-oriented working environment, respectful of the diversity of the Faculty’s staff and student body.

Prof. Ligeti is the first woman to be appointed Dean at the University of Luxembourg. “I look forward to this new chapter in my professional life,” she said. “It will be a different working experience and will bring many new challenges.”