Prof. Dr. Nicolas Jonard

Nicolas Jonard

Full professor in Economics and Management , Head of CREA

Faculty or Centre Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance
Department Department of Economics and Management
Postal Address Campus Kirchberg, Université du Luxembourg
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg
Campus Office G 101
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 6258

Research Interests 

Understanding the patterns of competition and cooperation among firms, firm behavior and learning, aspects of innovation and technological change in inter-organizational networks


Nicolas Jonard has joined the University of Luxembourg as an associate professor in Economics and Management in February 2006.
He holds an MS in Actuarial Science, an MA and a PhD in Economics from the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg.
He has been a post-doc researcher at the University of Maastricht, and a CNRS research fellow at the Center for Research in Applied Epistemology within Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

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CV Nicolas Jonard

Current Position

  • Associate Professor of Economics and Management, Université du Luxembourg, since 2006


  • 1997: PhD in Economics, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg
  • 1993: MA in Economics, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg
  • 1992: MS in Actuarial Science, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg

University administrative duties

  • 2006-2008: Co-director of the Bachelor's Degree in Management, Université du Luxembourg:
    Update and reorganization of the curriculum, development of partnerships with foreign universities, coordination of the faculty and practitioners involved, budgeting.
  • 2006-2010: Co-director of the Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Université du Luxembourg:
    Negotiation of a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg, design of the curriculum, promotion of the program, student selection, organization and coordination of the courses and external faculty, establishment of relationships with mentor firms involved in the program, budgeting, supervision of Master thesis.

Current Research

  • "Prescriptions for Network Strategy: Does evidence of network effects in cross-section support them?'', with Joel Baum and Robin Cowan, submitted to the Strategic Management Journal.
  • "Imitation and Efficient Contagion" with Tristan Boyer, second revise and resubmit to the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.
  • "Organizational Structure, Organizational Performance and Emotional Contagion'', with Robin Cowan and Rifka Weehuizen.
  • "The Small World of Corporate Boards: International Evidence from Listed Firms'', with Andreas Heinen, Malika Hamadi and Alfonso Valdesogo.
  • "Social Dynamics of Trust and Trustworthiness'', with Maurizio Cortesi.

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Participation in doctoral programmes

  • European Summer School on Industrial Dynamics, Dubrovnik (2007)
  • European Doctoral Training Programme on the Economics of Technological and Institutional Change, Strasbourg (2010, 2009, 2002, 2001)


Since 2006

Université du Luxembourg

  • Introductory Macroeconomics (2011, Undergraduate)
  • Research Methods (2008-, Graduate)
  • Economic Issues (2007-, Undergraduate)
  • Corporate Finance (2006-2009, Undergraduate)
  • Multinational Business Finance (2006-, Undergraduate)

Ph.D. Thesis supervision:

Since 2008

  • Jean-Nicolas Reyt (Université du Luxembourg, 2011-)
  • Maurizio Cortesi (Université du Luxembourg, 2008-)

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Since 2003

  • "The Small World of Banking in Benelux" (BABE, 2009-2011), FNR CORE programme
  • "Network Models, Governance and R&D Collaboration Networks" (NEMO, 2006-2009), EU FP6, STREP programme, Coordinator: ARC Systems Research, Vienna
  • "Réseaux, Coalitions et Marchés: Une approche interactionniste de la complexité" (2003-2005), ACI "Systèmes Complexes en SHS" Ministère de la Recherche"CNRS, Coordinator: GREQAM, Marseille
  •  "Innovation, Networks and the Creation of Knowledge" (iNeck, 2003-2005), EU FP5, Coordinator: MERIT, Maastricht

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