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Finance & Technology Symposium

The Finance & Technology Symposium provides the possibility for both academics and professionals to share their insights, comments and concerns related to the current regulatory and technology developments in the financial sector. The symposium is organised by Zsofia Kräussl. Please contact Zsofia for further inquiries.

LSF hosted the 4th Finance & Technology Symposium on 14 June, 2019. It discussed the role of technologies in the data value chain of financial institutions. Our keynote speakers and panelists focused on issues of data analytics and reporting, regulatory responsibility, pressures placed on the industry to innovate in a quickly changing environment, and on the positioning of efficient data management within, and across organizations.


Following the tradition of our symposium series, this year's two panel discussions invited both practitioners and academics to the floor. We were pleased to include Sylvie Dessolin (Sopra Steria), Jean Hilger (BCEE & LUXHUB), Dimitrios Kampas (KPMG), Nadia Manzari (SCHILTZ & SCHILTZ), and Professor Aline Muller (LISER) to the discussions.


3rd Finance & Technology Symposium, 2018

Technology-enhanced Data Analytics: Data Quantity vs Data Quality

The quantity of accessible data is exponentially increasing. Whether and to what extent innovative solutions, advanced data analytics and increasing computational power assist in finding the information we need? What is the trade-off between data quantity and quality? How to solve the upcoming data-challenges for the financial sector, resulting from the changing regulatory requirements?


Prof. Ulf von Lilienfeld-Toal (Luxemburg School of Finance)

Kris Wulteputte (Chief Risk Officer, State Street Bank International)

Scientific Committee

Zsofia Kräussl, Luxembourg School of Finance

Kalle Rinne, Luxembourg School of Finance

Program: 3rd LSF Finance Technology Symposium


2nd Finance & Technology Symposium, 2017

Technology-enhanced Investment Forms 

Advanced technology has disrupted how individuals decide on, coordinate, and manage their investments. The emergence of different, innovative services has led academics and practitioners to reexamine the potential impact and implications on the banking sector as well as on financial markets.How does technology revolutionize the decision-making process on investments of individuals and institutions? How will lending and investment management be transformed? What are the potential, long-term implications? Does technology enhance risk assessment practices of investments? How does regulation respond to these trends?


Prof. Andreas Hackethal (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany)

Mark Bell (Managing Principal, Diversified Trust, US)

Scientific Committee

Zsofia Kräussl, Luxembourg School of Finance (Chair)

Kalle Rinne, Luxembourg School of Finance

Program: 2nd Finance Technology Symposium


1st Finance & Technology Symposium, 2016

Advancing Shadow Banking: The Impact of Regulation and Technology

Recent regulatory development seems to allow practitioners to better conceptualize the notion of shadow banking. Although the Financial Stability Board has been providing guidance to define the borders, confusion exists. The estimated size, and the growing share of shadow banking activities in the global financial system raise concerns as there exists an inter-dependency on the banking system. Parallel to that, innovative technology and leveraging services penetrate the financial sector.

The goal of our symposium is to generate a professional, open and critical discussion on shadow banking, focusing on funds and wealth management.


Florian Gamper, National University of Singapore

Christian Hofmann, National University of Singapore

Scientific Committee

Zsofia Kräussl, Luxembourg School of Finance (Chair)

Kalle Rinne, Luxembourg School of Finance

Christian Wolff, Luxembourg School of Finance


Cedric Buisine (CMS)

Frank Dornseifer (Bundesverband Alternative Investment)

Laurent Kratz (Scorechain)

Claude Niedner (Arendt & Medernach)

Luc Sales (European Investment Fund)

Benoit Sauvage (ABBL)

Kris Wulteputte (State Street)

Program: 1st LSF Finance Technology Symposium