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What can LCL Executive education do for your organisation?


The lifelong learning programmes offered by the LCL provide a unique opportunity to enhance, improve and sharpen the knowledge and skills of the practitioners.

We collaborate with companies to create impactful learning experiences that challenge leaders to think more strategically about their supply chains, and develop the skills to overcome present obstacles, anticipate future challenges, and gain competitive advantage.

Chris Caplice MIT teaching

Upcoming session

"Top 3 supply chain trends in 2019"

13 March 2019

Sustainable Supply Chains

How green is your supply chain? Customers and investors become increasingly sensitive towards the environmental impact of supply chains in production, consumption, and transportation. Let MIT researcher Josue Velazquez-Martinez show you how to improve the CO2 footprint of your logistics operations and help your supply chain become greener.


Instructor: Josue Velasquez Martinez (MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics)

Josué C. Velázquez Martínez is a Research Scientist at the MIT CTL specialized in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in manufacturing, food, and retail industries, and has vast experience in conducting applied research on Sustainable Logistics in emerging markets.

Dr. Velázquez Martínez leads two research streamlines: the MIT Sustainable Logistics Initiative, which involves research projects on green logistics sponsored by multinational companies, with the purpose of improving fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in logistics operations, and the MIT GeneSys, which aims to improve the efficiency of small firms, and involves on-site research at approximately 200 small enterprises across Latin America in collaboration with the region’s top universities. Full biography




14 March 2019

Blockchain and Digital Supply Chains

What can blockchains do for your supply chain? Let Frank Bolten, logistics expert and founder of Hamburg-based blockchain start-up Chainsteps, walk you through the blockchain economy and show you how blockchains can be used to secure the flow of information along your supply chain.


Instructor: Frank Bolten (Chainsteps)

Long-term senior management experience in leading technology companies (Sony, Deutsche Telekom, Sharp), over the last couple of years focus on digital transformation. Since 2015 specialized on the utilization of blockchain technology for businesses. Founded CHAINSTEP GmbH in May 2017 - motto: "We bring blockchain to the real economy". Located in Hamburg, focus industries: transport logistics and supply chain management.




15 March 2019

Supply Chain Risk Management and Mitigation

This executive course is about risk mitigation strategies that every successful supply chain professional should know about.

Is your supply chain prepared for failure? Natural disasters, like hurricanes, earth quakes, or floods, or even man-made turmoil, like sanctions or war, can easily disrupt the fragile flow of goods. LCL professor, Nils Löhndorf, will introduce you to the concept of supply chain resilience and show you how other companies prepare for the worst.

Instructor: Nils Löhndorf (LCL)

Nils Löhndorf is an Associate Professor at the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL).
Nils's research interests are in operations research, in particular optimization under uncertainty, with current applications in operational management and valuation of energy storage systems.



Today’s lean supply chains run like well-oiled machines where minor disruptions send a ripple through the supply chain and expose affected companies to harmful downside risks. Successful companies develop mitigation strategies to make them resilient against supply chain disruptions and risk. Understanding how these strategies function is an indispensable asset for every supply chain professional who looks at the broader picture as well as for top managers who must safeguard the long-term success of their operations.


Participants will receive a hands-on experience of strategies to mitigate supply chain risk. Using a simulation game developed at MIT’s Center for Transportation, participants will experience first hand what happens when a supplier cannot deliver, when a warehouse breaks down, or when cargo gets stuck. Part of the experience is to select the right risk mitigation strategy in a low risk and high risk environment and to stress test this strategy under different scenarios.
During that one-day workshop, we will look at

  • Strategies for risk mitigation,
  • Methods for risk assessment and evaluation,
  • Sources of supply chain disruption,
  • Best practices for decision-making under uncertainty,
  • Simulation and scenario analysis.

This executive course is a fast-paced mix of simulation, case studies, thought-provoking examples, and interactive class sessions. The workshop includes exercises that challenge participants to select and test risk mitigation strategies and discuss their experience.

Practical details:

The workshops can be booked separately or as a package.

1-day worshop: 990 €  

3-day workshop + eXplore conference 2500 €

Partner discount available


Learning outcomes

     Transforming organisations

Learn how to keep your supply chain attuned to the latest innovations as LCL & MIT faculty, researchers, and industry thought leaders explain
how to manage change in today’s intensely competitive commercial environment.

     Developing leadership expertise

Cultivate the skills required of tomorrow’s leaders through custom designed programmes that deliver a fast-paced mix of simulations, real
world case studies, cutting edge research, and thought-provoking, interactive discussion.

     Engaging with industry leaders

Meet, share ideas, and resolve challenges with other leading supply chain professionals.

     Nurturing talent

Use our programmes to help retain and develop your supply chain team through professional courses that teach them how to leverage supply chain tools, practices, and capabilities that improve job performance.


Instructors from various disciplines teach modules that can build upon one another. Participants can thereby gain more expertise than from a single learning session. In the sessions, they can immediately apply the developed skills to real decision problems. It is of course possible to attend individual sessions. Our executive education programmes are a mix of simulations, case studies, research findings and thought-provoking, interactive class sessions. There has never been a better time to hone your supply chain management skills and develop new ones!

Our programme in executive education picks up top-edge topics that are currently discussed in industry and academia. It will provide the participants state-of-the art concepts, case studies and insights into relevant topics. The topics are related to financial analytics and digitalisation of supply chains.

Participant profile

This programme is designed for professionals involved in creating, optimising or redesigning a supply chain. Participants should have experience in operations, manufacturing, logistics, procurement, information technology management, marketing, new product development or distribution. 

Join these unique programmes and experience our motto: Innovate, Impact, Inspire!


Supply Chain Financial Analysis 2018:

“The LCL Supply Chain Financial Analysis Workshop provided a fantastic opportunity for myself and other supply chain professionals to learn advanced financial theory and application in the field of Supply Chain Management. From re-aligning how we think about cost in the supply chain, to taking ownership of the cash conversion cycle, we acquired practical skills which we can apply to our daily jobs. The professors who guided us on this course were equal parts challenging and supporting to help us acquire our new knowledge. It was a pleasure to meet other supply chain professionals and hear their perspectives on the business and how they approach their myriad problems and issues. I look forward to joining other course offerings from the LCL in the future.”

Jason Conner, Continuous Improvement Manager - Integrated Logistics Kuehne + Nagel










Jason Conner






Supply Chain Financial Analysis 2017:

"As a young professional, and a graduate in Supply Chain Management and Economics, the LCL Supply Chain Financial Analysis Workshop provided me with the superb opportunity to refresh and extend my knowledge in this area. The workshop was not only useful from a financial theory perspective but the dynamic exchange of experience and perspectives from all participants with diverse backgrounds and seniorities within the profession was extremely useful.   It was fantastic to have academic expertise from MIT available in Luxembourg at the historical university campus at Limpertsberg.   We were well looked after throughout the day, allowing us to focus on learning.  I look forward to joining future offerings from the LCL Executive Education portfolio."

Johannes Hesse, Project Coordinator at IEE S.A. and YPL² Chairman














Supply Chain Management 4.0:

"Excellent workshop , how the technology and other factors, can be incorporated inside all the process in logistics and supply chain management in order to get better performance in the company. I want to congratulate the University of Luxembourg for such work developed.”

William Walsh, C.H. Robinson









William Walsh








Past sessions

Supply Chain Financial Analysis summary

Supply Chain Management 4.0 summary

supply chain management 4.0 workshop class photo

Kai Hoberg teaching at supply chain 4.0 workshop


LCL seminars, roundtables and conferences also take you to the latest supply chain trends and challenges.

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