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Convergence in airline operations: The case of ground times

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Published on Friday, 26 April 2019

The Journal of Air Transport Management has posted a paper dedicated to airline operations and initiated by an LCL researcher.

The authors of the manuscript are Prof. Anne Lange, LCL, Julian Sieling and Garoe Gonzalez Parra.

Passenger airline business models have been converging in the recent past.

The study addresses differences in ground operations. The organisation of ground operations is seen as one distinguishing factor between airline business models.

The authors investigate taxi-in, taxi-out, and turnaround times of aircraft and study the current status of the relation between airline ground times and airline business models.

The study rests on automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) data to investigate ground times of aircraft. The authors identify that there currently remains a clear differentiation of airline ground times between the business models in spite of the business model convergence in the market.


Highlights of the paper

  • They analyse aircraft ground times based on ADS-B data.
  • They find that differences in ground times persist among airline business models.
  • Turnaround times even nowadays increase from LCC over HYC to FSC.
  • Convergence in airline ground operations cannot (yet) be observed.


Read the full paper about airline operations convergence