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Hope and Anger: an experiment on inequality and antisocial behavior

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Speaker: Maria Bigoni - University of Bologna
Event date: Thursday, 04 April 2019 12:30 pm - 01:45 pm
Place: Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance
JFK Building
29, avenue Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg
Ground Floor, Nancy-Metz Room

Economic inequality may fuel frustration, possibly leading to anger and antisocial behavior. We experimentally study a situation where only the rich can reduce inequality while the poor can express their discontent by destroying the wealth of a rich counterpart with whom they had no previous interaction. We test whether the emergence of such forms of antisocial behavior depends only on the level of inequality, or also on the conditions under which inequality occurs. We compare an environment in which the rich can unilaterally reduce inequality with one where generosity makes them vulnerable to exploitation by the poor. We find that the rich are expected to be more generous in the former scenario than in the latter, but in fact this hope is systematically violated. We also observe that the poor engage in forms of antisocial behavior more often when reducing inequality would be safe for the rich. These results could not be explained by inequality aversion alone, while they fit well with recent models that focus on anger as the result of the frustration of expectations.

Data: Invitation_M.Bigoni_04.04.2019.pdf 302.87 kB