Modified Learning Agreement

Sometimes, a modification of your learning agreement is required (due to unavailability of courses, overlapping courses schedules or maybe you changed your mind about a previously selected course). After the beginning of the semester at your host university, you have four (4) weeks to submit your modified learning agreement (missing this deadline can result in not getting your course choice approved).

Please pay close attention to the host university's deadline to modify your course choice. You should not wait until the last minute, if your study director at the UL does not approve your course choice and you cannot change the courses anymore due to the deadline having passed at your host university, you are risking to not getting the ECTS for the non-approved courses validated upon your return!

It is not necessary to submit a new LA or modification if your home and host university have approved your initial course choice and you do not wish to make any changes! The courses that are listed on your transcript at the end of your mobility must correspond to the courses you listed on your learning agreement(s)!

If your original LA was not signed by either your course director at the UL or the host university, you must submit a new original LA "Before the Mobility" (Erasmus or GE/Free Mover) which will then be processed as a "2nd version".

If your original LA was signed, you must submit a digitally completed modified learning agreement "During the Mobility" (see download below) within four weeks of the semester start at your host university. Make sure you and the coordinator at the host university sign the modified LA before you send it to Stephanie Anderson by email (as a legible pdf scan), by regular post or dropping it off at the office. 

The same rules for the course selection that apply to the original learning agreement must be applied to the modification. Ensure that you have a total of 30 ECTS after your modifications.

We must make sure that you are taking courses for at least 30 ECTS while on mobility, therefore the modification must show the courses you keep (as listed on your "before the mobility" learning agreement), the ones you deleted and the ones you add! If you are using the host university's modification form and it does not have a "kept" column to list the kept courses, you should nevertheless add the "kept" courses, if necessary by hand.

Some host universities have Modules where the individual courses are optional. If you put something like "Ouverture" or "....decalé GMO" on your learning agreement, remember to send a detailed list which courses this Module consists of or you enrol in once you arrive at the host university!

Some FDEF specifics on LAs:

  • no courses that you have already taken here at the UL
  • no courses that will take place at the UL when you return to the UL
  • not more than one language course with a maximum of 8 ECTS
  • language course not in native language (subject courses can be taken in any language, this only concerns LANGUAGE courses!)
  • French language courses not possible as your studies here at the UL are conducted in French. Luxembourgish students that went through the Luxembourgish high school system have a language level of C1 /C2 in French/German and usually B2 in English - we check which level you indicated when you enrolled at
  • no language course in language with a level higher than B2 (as indicated in ACME) 
  • total number of ECTS on LA: no less than 30 ECTS, you may have more when host university offers only courses that will not allow to accummulate to 30 ECTS exactly
  • if you go abroad for 2 semesters, each learning agreement must contribute a minimum of 30 ECTS
  • courses must correspond with student's field of study and level at UL (e.g. no sports or similar courses)

Foreign credits that do not correspond with ECTS (e.g. American, Canadian, Chinese, etc.) are entered on LA as local credits and then converted to ECTS considering the total workload and emphasis of each course on overall programme by the course director. Please check the following webpage for conversion rates: Foreign credits