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Transcript of Records (relevé de notes) and what to do when exams at host uni are failed

At the end of your mobility semester abroad, you'll receive a transcript of records with the results of your studies from your host university. The transcript of records must be a mirror of your final learning agreement on file (signed by all parties). It is the student's responsibility to either present an original transcript (print-out of email attachment is not accepted) to us or ask the host university to send the transcript by email (stephanie.anderson@uni.lu) or regular post directly to us.


Please pay attention to the following points regarding your transcript:

  • your host university must send the transcript either directly to Stephanie Anderson (stephanie.anderson@uni.lu), the SEVE mobility office (seve.mobility@uni.lu) or your course administrator by email (see list below) or regular post
  • if you receive an original transcript (no copies or print-outs of email attachments will be accepted) you should present it either Stephanie Anderson, the SEVE Mobility office or your course administrator  to make a verified copy
  • the transcript will be compared to the last Learning Agreement (LA) on file  – only courses approved on that last LA will be validated. It is therefore important that you send us a copy of the LA with your final course choice which is signed by all parties (student, host university, home university). If there are courses on your transcript that were not approved by your study director, you will be asked to submit a new LA reflecting the actual courses you took. We do, however, not guarantee that your course choice is approved retroactively. You should always make sure that you get the study director's approval by signature on the LA before registering for classes at the host university. Pay attention to the course registration deadlines at your host university! Credits obtained for non-approved courses are not being validated!
  • after comparing the transcript to the LA, the transcript is forwarded to your course administrator for validation (the ECTS are being transferred (foreign credits are converted into ECTS) into your file and will be available in the guichet d’étudiant in due time)
  • we do not convert grades but only credits obtained abroad – you will have proof of your grades in form of the transcript provided by your host university
  • if more than 30 ECTS were obtained abroad, the total number of achieved ECTS will be validated, however, this won't give you credits for previous or future semesters here at the UL. You simply graduate with 180 plus the extra ECTS in the end.

What to do when you failed exams at the host university?

  • inquire about re-sits at the host university -> if you do the re-sits at your host university and they send a 2nd transcript, we will take this into consideration once we receive it
  • if it is not possible to take a re-sit at the host university, contact your study programme administrator here at the University of Luxembourg to inquire about how to make up for the missing ECTS
  • Your study programme administrators are: