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Learning Agreement for Global Exchange and Other departures (free mover)

The Learning Agreement is an official document (also for other mobility programmes) and is used to record your provisional course choices. In order to get them approved by your course coordinators at the UL, the learning agreement must be submitted to Stephanie Anderson. Please complete the form digitally!

You can either submit it as a legible, scanned pdf document by email, or send a printout by mail or drop it off at our office (for after-office hours, there is a mailbox in front of the office BRA 0.05). In all cases make sure that you have signed the document!

After approval here at your home university, the SEVE Mobility office will send your LA for Global Exchange to your host university for approval.


The LA for Free Movers will be returned to you by the SEVE Mobility office so you can send it to your host university - in all cases make sure to send a copy signed by all three parties - student / home uni / host uni to stephanie.anderson@uni.lu.

Some host universities have Modules where the individual courses are optional. If you put something like "Ouverture" or "....decalé GMO" on your learning agreement, remember to send a detailed list which courses this Module consists of or you enrol in once you arrive at the host university!

Some FDEF specifics on LAs:

  • no courses that you have already taken here at the UL
  • no courses that will take place at the UL when you return to the UL
  • not more than one language course with a maximum of 8 ECTS
  • language course not in native language (subject courses can be taken in any language, this only concerns LANGUAGE courses!)
  • French language courses not possible as your studies here at the UL are conducted in French. Luxembourgish students that went through the Luxembourgish high school system have a language level of C1 /C2 in French/German and usually B2 in English - we check which level you indicated when you enrolled at uni.lu
  • no language course in language with a level higher than B2 (as indicated in ACME) 
  • total number of ECTS on LA: no less than 30 ECTS, you may have more when host university offers only courses that will not allow to accummulate to 30 ECTS exactly
  • if you go abroad for 2 semesters, each learning agreement must contribute a minimum of 30 ECTS
  • courses must correspond with student's field of study and level at UL (e.g. no sports or similar courses)

Foreign universities not located in Europe do not apply the ECTS system, therefore, you are required to list the local credits on the learning agreement. The local credits are being converted as follows:

American credits: 1:3 (1 American credit = 3 ECTS)

Canadian credits: 1:2 (1 Canadian credit = 2 ECTS)

Chinese credits: 1:2 (1 Chinese credit = 2 ECTS)

Korean credits: 1:2 (1 Korean credit = 2 ECTS)

Japanese credits: 1:2 (1 Japanese credit = 2 ECTS)

Russian credits: 1:1 (1 Russian credit = 1 ECTS)

Australian credits: this may vary from university to university, for University of Newcastle: 1:0.75 (1 New Castle credit value/unit = 0.75 ECTS)

Depending on your course choice, the course director might ask for you to provide the following information for each course: 

  • course description
  • workload/contact hours

If you are going on mobility in a country not listed here, please contact Stephanie Anderson for more information.

When does the LA have to be completed?

Once you have been selected for a Global Exchange mobility, the SEVE mobility office will send you detailed information on what to do next (by e-mail). Free Movers must complete the LA as soon as possible once they have found a host university abroad.  You are advised to turn in the LA for signature in due time allowing at least one week. All LAs must be submitted to Stephanie Anderson.

Download the LA form here:

FDEF LA GE.doc 128.50 kB