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Renmin University - Beijing

Available places: 4 Bachelor in Law and 3 Master in Law

Level: Master in Banking and Finance & Master in Law - joint master programmes (double degree)

Study field: Banking and Finance, Law

Characteristics: Renmin University is located in Beijing (Peking), the capital city of China and is one of the most prestigious universities in China. As a major research university, Renmin University has 23 schools and 13 research institutes.

Double Degree Agreement MASTER IN BANKING & FINANCE: UL students complete their master degree in Banking and Finance at the UL and receive the Master of Science in Banking and Finance from the University of Luxembourg. Then they spend a year at Renmin University within the Master of Economics course, Finance specialisation including a 6 week internship at a financial institution in Beijing. After successful completion of 2nd year, students receive the Master of Economics, Specialty Finance from Renmin University of China.

Double Degree Agreement MASTER IN LAW: UL students spend their first year in one of the three specialisations at the UL:

  • MA European Law
  • MA European Economic Law
  • MA European and International Financial Law

The successful completion of this 1st year is acknowledged by Renmin University Law School as one year in its own master programme MA Chinese Law. Students then spend their 2nd year of studies at Renmin University Law School in the MA  Chinese Law. The programme is delivered in English. Students will follow the course requirements of the LL.M. programme in Chinese Law and also complete and defend a master thesis. After successfully completing this 2nd year at Renmin University Law School, the students receive the MA Chinese Law from Renmin University. The students then spend their 3rd year of studies in one of the three master specializations at the UL. After successful completion of this 3rd year, the students receive a MA in one of three above mentioned specializations from the UL. 

Renmin Law School was founded in 1950 and welcomes approximately 3000 students per year. Since its founding, over 20,000 students have graduated from Renmin Law School and as many as 300,000 jurists have received training via continuing education, offering a large network of alumni who contribute to the development of China’s legal system.  FDEF has two partnership agreements with Renmin University which foresee student, faculty visits and the possibility to collaborate on research projects. Additionally, a joint Master programme has been established which allows students to earn a double LL.M. degree from both institutions. Students spend one year studying Chinese law at Renmin Law SChool and two years at the University of Luxembourg. Learn more about Renmin Law School here.