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FIGHTER project has successfully come to an end

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Published on Thursday, 27 May 2021

The University of Luxembourg, partner in the FIGHTER project, Fight Against International Terrorism. Discovering European Models of Rewarding Measures to Prevent Terrorism, (funded by the European Union Justice Programme, n°831637), has successfully accomplished its research work and thus contributed to the overall project objectives.

With the last event, a Focus Group webinar on 15 May 2021, we summarised the academic and institutional debate opened by a first Focus Group held at the University of Luxembourg on 15 November 2019. Coordinated by Prof. Silvia Allegrezza (Associate professor of criminal law, University of Luxembourg) and assisted by Elena Militello and Dimitros Kafteranis (University Luxembourg), the group discussed the issue of domestic terrorist threats, where some countries have adopted a series of measures that make it possible to reduce the punishment (or, in some cases, even not to punish terrorist crimes committed), in the form of 'rewards' that may induce the perpetrators of such offences to cooperate with the authorities for investigative and/or preventive purposes.

It is in this framework that the Department of Law was involved and studied the possibility of using rewarding measures as a tool to fight terrorism on a European scale. During the event commonalities and divergences narrated in the national reports were highlighted, with a view of developing a comparative analysis of the procedural aspects in the field of rewarding measures to combat terrorism. Ludovico Bin from University of Salento, Italy, highlighted obstacles and potential solutions in pursuing a harmonised effort toward the development of a EU blueprint of rewarding measures in the field of anti-terrorism.