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Former FDEF PhD Student wins ICLQ 2020 Early Career Prize

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Published on Tuesday, 06 April 2021

Dr. Javier García Olmedo, a former student of the Doctoral School in Law, has been awarded the International and Comparative Law Quarterly (ICLQ) Early Career Prize for his article ‘Recalibrating the International Investment Regime Through Narrowed Jurisdiction'.

This prize is awarded annually to the best article published by an early career scholar in the International and Comparative Law Quarterly, published by Cambridge Quarterly Press. Dr. García Olmedo’s winning article examines the practice of nationality planning in international investment law, arguing that this practice exacerbates the unbalanced relationship between host States and investors. It then proposes underexplored treaty mechanisms that States can adopt to curb nationality planning practices through provisions that restrict the range of investors that qualify for protection.  The article will be of interest to investment policy makers and other stakeholders involved in IIA reforms that aim aim at alining investment protection with other public interests of states.  

Dr. García Olmedo will also present and discuss his article with ICLQ Editor in Chief Professor Sir Malcolm Evans OBE KCMG at the ICLQ Annual Lecture on 19 April 2021.

Supervised by Professor Matthew Happold, Dr. García Olmedo defended his doctoral thesis ‘‘Nationality Planning in International Investment Law: Problems and Solutions” in July 2020. Similar to the issues discussed in the winning article, his thesis explored how investors use passports and corporations of convenience to access investment treaties and provided policy options to regulate these practices. 

Dr. García Olmedo currently holds an academic position as a lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, where he teaches the online LL.M. on dispute resolution.