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The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance actively seeks out meaningful partnerships with companies and institutions in Luxembourg. These partnerships anchor the FDEF’s research within the financial centre and business community, the start-up ecosystem, the European institutions and other sectors of Luxembourg industry and society. As well as promoting closer ties between research and practice, they offer exciting opportunities to the best of our students.

Funded Chairs


About the chair: The ADA Chair in Financial Law (Inclusive Finance) brings both ADA and the University of Luxembourg to the forefront of the emerging field of law and regulation of inclusive finance, with a focus on knowledge transfer from European jurisdictions to developing countries.
About ADA: “Appui au Développement Autonome” (ADA) is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to building and catalysing the financial inclusion of populations excluded from conventional banking channels in developing countries. ADA focuses on the development of innovative inclusive financial services, on capacity building and on action research, putting its expertise to use in areas including youth financial inclusion, access to green energy through microfinance, microinsurance, and reinvested savings through remittances for migrants. Additionally, ADA collaborates with individual states to support their inclusive finance expansion strategies.



About the chair:  The ATOZ Chair in European and International Taxation was set up to develop research activities and education of high quality in international and European tax law. The overarching goal of ATOZ in this partnership is to raise the level of knowledge of tax issues in Luxembourg. Since 2012, the Chair is funded by the ATOZ Foundation.

About the ATOZ Foundation & ATOZ: Established in 2012 and acting under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg, the ATOZ Foundation's mission is to support local and international projects with a focus on education. ATOZ is a Luxembourg-based advisory firm offering a comprehensive and integrated range of tax and corporate finance services. As a high-end independent advisory firm, ATOZ partners have been at the heart of the development of the tax system over the last 20 years and are uniquely qualified to help clients maximise the value of their business by making the most of the opportunities Luxembourg offers.



About the chair: The University of Luxembourg and global satellite operator SES in 2010 entered into a partnership with the aim of jointly developing Luxembourg as a European centre of excellence and innovation for advanced ICT in satellite systems. A key component of this partnership was the creation of the SES Chair in Space, SatCom and Media law with a research focus on the legal and regulatory challenges in satellite communications.

About SES: SES is the world-leading satellite operator and the first to deliver a differentiated and scalable GEO-MEO offering worldwide, with over 50 satellites in Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and 16 in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). SES focuses on value-added, end-to-end solutions in two key business units: SES Video and SES Networks. SES connects and enables broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers, and enriches the lives of billions of people worldwide.


Privileged partnership

Chamber of Commerce

About the partnership: In 2014, the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce signed a privileged partnership programme cementing a collaboration that began with the launch of the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2007. The partnership aims at developing business education at the University of Luxembourg, through research and development, educational programmes, knowledge transfer and exchange, as well as by facilitating internships. The Chamber of Commerce provides support as well as advice to the students of the Master Entrepreneurship and Innovation through its entrepreneurial networks and the key expertise of the House of Entrepreneurship.

About the Chamber of Commerce: The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce was first founded in 1841 to represent and defend the interests of its members. The partnership with the University of Luxembourg aligns with the Chamber’s operational missions, which include promoting entrepreneurial spirit and business development as well as fostering an educational and training system aligned with business’s needs and market reality.


Private partners

Clifford Chance

About the partnership: The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance’s moot court activities are supported by the Luxembourg branch of the multinational law firm Clifford Chance. A generous annual contribution allows our participating students to travel to the competition locations, taking them across Europe and as far afield as Washington, D.C. In addition, lawyers from Clifford Chance attend practice sessions for selected competitions, giving students feedback on their pleadings and rhetorical skills, allowing students to benefit from their professional experience.

About Clifford Chance: Clifford Chance is one of the world's pre-eminent law firms with 33 offices in 23 countries and approximately 3,300 lawyers. It is one of the leading law firms in Luxembourg with a strong team of eight partners and 80 lawyers. Clifford Chance’s Luxembourg practice includes dedicated teams with experience in areas of corporate, M&A, banking and finance, capital markets, investment funds, litigation, employment and tax. The firm advises both international and Luxembourg-based clients, including financial institutions, business enterprises and state and regulatory bodies, on an extremely wide range of matters.



About the partnership: The University of Luxembourg signed a partnership agreement with Ferrero Group Headquarters in Luxembourg in July 2017 providing a framework for student stipends, internships, PhD research, and teaching activities. The Memorandum of Understanding sets out the Ferrero Fellowship Programme, with up to five promising Master students in the field of law, finance, economics, or entrepreneurship and innovation to receive a monthly stipend from Ferrero for the duration of their studies. This stipend is intended to cover accommodation costs for the students in Luxembourg. In addition, an Internship Programme facilitates Master students securing paid internships and gaining experience at this multinational company.

About Ferrero: Ferrero began its story in the little town of Alba in Piedmont, Italy, in 1946 and today the Ferrero Group is present with more than 41,000 people across 53 countries; it has 22 production plants around the world, of which three are part of the Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project in Africa and Asia. Ferrero products are present and sold in more than 170 countries; they have become part of the collective memory and customs of many countries, where they are truly loved generation after generation and often considered as cultural icons.



Institutional partners

Barreau de Luxembourg

About the partnership: The Barreau de Luxembourg actively supports the Faculty's "Clinique du Droit" clinical teaching programme for Master students in law, as well as a number of other activities benefitting the Faculty's students and the wider academic community.The Barreau also sponsors two awards, bestowed upon the best graduating student in the Bachelor en Droit and the Faculty’s LL.M. programmes, respectively.

About the Barreau du Luxembourg: The Luxembourg bar association (Barreau de Luxembourg) serves its members, the legal profession and the public by defending the rule of law and advancing professionalism in the field. It counts 2,500 registered lawyers, defending the rights of their clients.


European Investment Bank

About the partnership: The European Investment Bank and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance cooperate in a number of areas, such as internships, teaching and research but also other professional collaborations and joint institutional initiatives. The mutually beneficial partnership helps both the EIB and the FDEF build on each other’s expertise and resources, profiting from each other’s proximity in the Luxembourg context. The EIB Institute is also a partner of the Certificate in Law and Regulation of Inclusive Finance.
About the EIB: The EIB is the European Union's bank. It is the only bank owned by and representing the interests of the European Union Member States. It works closely with other EU institutions to implement EU policy. The EIB is the world’s largest multilateral borrower and lender, providing finance and expertise for sustainable investment projects that contribute to EU policy objectives.


Fondation Pierre Werner

About the partnership: Inspired by the ideals of Pierre Werner, the University of Luxembourg and the Fondation Pierre Werner together established a scholarship awarded to outstanding applicants from European countries (except Luxembourg) pursuing a full-time postgraduate degree in political science, law, finance or economics at the University of Luxembourg. The stipend is awarded annually and can be divided between up to four successful candidates based on the decision of the selection committee.

About the Fondation Pierre Werner: Named after Pierre Werner, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and prominent European politician, the foundation aims to support research projects, studies, and conferences related to European integration, monetary issues, democracy or human rights, in any country of the European continent. These themes are closely related to the key issues on which Pierre Werner worked during his entire professional life, thereby strongly contributing to the edification of the European Union.



Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT)

About the partnership: The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, and the LHoFT in 2018 signed a partnership to promote closer cooperation in the field of FinTech. One of the key elements of the agreement is the provision of working space at the LHoFT for researchers in the field of FinTech. The opportunity to hot desk should create closer links between researchers and professional and help bridge the academic-practice divide.

About the LHoFT: The LHoFT Foundation is a public - private sector initiative that drives technology innovation for Luxembourg’s financial services industry, connecting the domestic and international Fintech community to develop solutions that shape the world of tomorrow.




About the partnership: LISER and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance cooperate in doctoral education as well as joint professorships. LISER hosts and supervises doctoral candidates from the Doctoral School in Economics and Finance, with its researchers acting as thesis co-supervisors or reference persons. In addition, two professorships at the Centre for Research in Economics and Finance are co-funded by LISER in areas of interest to both research institutions.

About LISER: The Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economics Research (LISER) is a public research institute under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Its research focus lies in the field of social and economic policy including the spatial dimension. The aim is to improve the understanding of causal relationships and to provide sound evidence for the impact of institutional settings and policy options on outcomes.


MPI Luxembourg

About the partnership: The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance collaborates with the MPI Luxembourg since the latter’s inauguration in 2012. The Research Unit in Law and MPI Luxembourg work together on research projects and teaching. Together they foster the next generation of researchers by fostering exchange of expertise and knowledge in the field of doctoral education in particular.

About MPI Luxembourg: The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law (MPI Luxembourg) investigates modern tendencies in dispute resolution mechanisms from different perspectives: from the perspective of public international law, from the one of European and comparative civil procedure law, as well as from a regulatory standpoint (especially with reference to financial markets).



About the partnership: The partnership between the FDEF and STATEC aims to promote research related to the Luxembourg economy and its specificities. The achievement of this objective Is facilitated to exchange opportunities for junior researchers and the co-supervision of doctoral candidates. The close relationship with STATEC was a contributing factor to the Master in Economics and Finance to be admitted to the European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) Network.

About STATEC: STATEC is the National Institute for Statistic and Economic Studies of Luxembourg. It coordinates the statistic system of Luxembourg. STATEC aims at producing statistical data, analysis and studies giving a detailed, reliable and objective picture of Luxembourg society.


Award sponsors

Bank of China

About the award: Prize awarded to the best student from the graduating class of the Master of Science in Banking and Finance

About the Bank of China: As a Luxembourg-incorporated bank since 1979, together with the global presence of Bank of China Group, Bank of China Luxembourg has been successfully operating and continually developing its business over the years, and has contributed to the local and worldwide economic and social development. With nearly 40 years of expertise and experience in the European markets, Bank of China Luxembourg stands today as the Group’s European Regional Hub, extending its roots from Luxembourg to other European countries by setting up various branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, and Portugal.


Economist Club Luxembourg

About the award: Prize awarded to the best student from the graduating class of the Master in Economics and Finance


About the award: Prize awarded to the best student from the graduating class of the Master in Wealth Management

About Pictet: Pictet is one of the leading European independent wealth and asset managers. As an investment-led service company, Pictet offers wealth management, asset management and related asset services