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Rules & guidelines

About the Teaching Award

Each of the three faculties selects two candidates, based on the criteria the faculty defines. The awards are endowed with
2,500 € each – money that can be invested in teaching-related activities such as continuing education or networking.


The award is open to all Faculty members teaching regularly in a study programme of the Faculty during the academic year:

- the Innovative Teaching Award is open to all lecturers

- the Excellence in Teaching Award is limited to lecturers teaching at least 90 units a year

Nomination procedures

All students and faculty members may submit one candidate for one or both categories. The proposal should contain a short statement outlining the reasons for the nomination. Self-nomination are allowed and even encouraged for the Innovative Teaching Award.

All submissions will then be evaluated by a selection committee and an award winner will be chosen from those. The selection will be based on the nomination proposals and the results from Course Evaluations.

The teaching award selection committee chooses among all the submitted nomination proposals the award recipient for both categories.

Selection criteria

The selection is based on the nomination proposals provided by the students and staff and the results of the students course evaluations of the winter and summer terms of the respective academic year. The committee may ask additional evidence from the nominees for the Innovative Teaching Award.