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Chair of Legislative Studies: Developing the “Citiden” project

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Published on Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Professor Philippe Poirier, Holder of the Chair of Legislative Studies, presented the project STUDIALUX and the EurIdentity Certificate at the University of Giessen (Germany) as part of a two-day workshop within the ongoing project "Citizenships and identifications in Europe” (Citiden). The project is supported by the Alliance Europa Institute for European and Global Studies and counts the University of Luxembourg as one of its academic partners.

The seminar, which took place on June 28th , 2022, was welcomed by around 20 students and professors from the University of Luxembourg, the University of Giessen, the University of Nantes, the University of Angers, the University of Zagreb, and other institutions.

Professor Poirier, supported by his doctoral researcher Laura Gil Besada, started by introducing the University of Luxembourg’s STUDIALUX project and, within it, the European Values Study. The Study uses multilingual interviews to assess Luxembourg’s changes in values and the relationship to politics, as well as the social cleavages between Luxembourgers and resident foreigners. Afterwards, he explained the newly launched EurIdentity Certificate, organised by the University of Luxembourg in partnership with the other universities of the Université de la Grande Région.

The presentation was followed by a half-hour discussion centred on the methodology of the European Values Study, the development of the EurIdentity Certificate, and the Europeanization of our societies. Professor Poirier also intervened in other seminars by prompting discussions.

In the workshop’s final section, the Citiden partners developed their shared interests and perspectives for further collaboration. This trip to Giessen represents the University of Luxembourg’s ongoing commitment to developing the Citiden project, as well as its engagement to the research of citizenship and identities in Luxembourg.