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Doctoral researcher gives a talk at the prestigious NUS

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Published on Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Ivonne Weichold, doctoral researcher at the Department of Geography and Spatial Planning, gave a talk about the future of spatial development in Luxembourg at the National University of Singapore, one of Asia’s top universities.

She is currently doing a several-week-long research stay at NUS to work on her dissertation “Planning sustainable urban and regional food systems. Focusing on the territorial dimension of food production and distribution on the scale of metropolitan areas in the Benelux”.

Ivonne is an architect and urbanist working in the intersection of architecture, urbanisation and geospatial analysis. She is a PhD researcher and works as a lecturer in a Master programme on Architecture, European Urbanisation and Globalisation at the University of Luxembourg. Her research breaks open the duality of thinking in urban and rural environments in order to investigate the role of agricultural land and production and planning in wealthy economies.

Ivonne’s talk reflects on work undertaken as part of a PhD research on the territory of Luxembourg, which is emphasized as an exemplary case because of its extreme contradiction between its economic, political and ecological performance. The study aims to explore the future of spatial development in Luxembourg through two composite “envelopes”: One for tracing optimal densification trajectories, and one for optimal allocation of agricultural land.