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Media pluralism study shows European media face multiple threats

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Published on Thursday, 23 July 2020

The European University Institute has released the Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM2020), a scientific data-driven effort to document the risks to media pluralism in Europe. The report covers European Union Member States and includes the UK, candidate countries, Turkey and for the first time Albania. The research is based on a set of 200 variables analysed for the years 2018 and 2019.

Globally, the MPM2020 confirms that none of the countries analysed are free from risks to media pluralism, as journalists and media outlets face increasing harassment and economic uncertainty.

The Luxembourg country report was produced by Drs Raphaël Kies and Mohamed Hamdi, researchers at the University of Luxembourg. It highlights regulatory, legal and financial aspects that can positively impact the media pluralism trend. A different series of regulatory, legal and financial aspects however have the power to negatively influence media diversity in Luxembourg. Six practical recommendations are put forward to guide the Luxemburg media sphere to stable media diversity, a reality which is beneficial for individuals, communities and the society as a whole.

Read the report (select the country of your choice) and the full press release from the European University Institute.