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The Multi-language Assessment Battery of Early Literacy

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Speaker: Markéta Caravolas, Gabriela Seidlová-Málková, Silvia Defior
Event date: Thursday, 28 November 2019 12:00 pm - 02:00 pm
Place: Campus Belval, Maison des Sciences Humaines, Black Box

A symposium presentation

Markéta Caravolas, Bangor University, UK & Collegium de Lyon, Université de Lyon, France

Gabriela Seidlová-Málková, Charles University, Czech Republic

Silvia Defior, University of Granada, Spain

MABEL (www.eldel-mabel.net) is a web-based resource for research and practice that has been developed to assess children’s early literacy and related skills across several European languages.  The main component of MABEL (Multi-language Assessment Battery of Early Literacy) comprises measures that were developed as part of the ELDEL research programme (a Framework 7, Marie Curie ITN) focusing on cross-linguistic studies of literacy development. An international group of researchers is developing a web-based platform, where tests assessing the foundational skills of phoneme awareness, letter knowledge, and rapid naming, as well as a variety of reading and spelling measures are available for standard paper-and-pencil administration in multiple languages, currently English, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, and Welsh.  In addition, Portuguese, Polish and French versions of MABEL are currently in development.  During this symposium, we will provide the background to MABEL and an overview of the website platform, as well as descriptions of the measures of foundational skills, and early literacy skills, with an emphasis on the design issues that must be considered for direct cross-linguistic comparisons. The presentations will cross-reference the publications that highlight the theoretical and empirical validation of the battery. 

A light lunch buffet will be provided.
For registration please contact andrea.hake@uni.lu.