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2020 Inequality and...? Lecture Series

Inequality and Politics

Roberto Galbiati, CNRS, Sciences Po

11 February 2020

The recent revival of the debate around economic inequality is often accompanied by concerns that rising inequality may have political consequences. In this lecture, based on recent literature in political economy and on historical evidence, we will discuss some of these concerns with a focus on two issues a) how political institutions can affect and can be affected by economic inequality, and b) how holding political offices influences individuals’ wealth. We will present historical case studies that show how the accumulation of wealth by some individuals can influence the health of political institutions.





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Inequality and Politics - Interview


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Inequality and Politics - Conference


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Inequality and Justice

Guillermina Jasso, New York University                                                                  

22 January 2020

Classically the sense of justice is considered the first line of defense against inequality; but absent a link between inequality and justice, the sense of justice would not awaken to exert its moral suasion. Because both inequality and justice rest on a secure mathematical foundation, it is possible to obtain many theoretical results, including: First, there is no general necessary relation between inequality and justice; their link can be nonexistent or positive or negative. Second, in certain scenarios, as economic inequality increases, the average justice evaluation moves deep into underreward territory, and the justice evaluation distribution stretches outward, increasing the gulf between underrewarded and overrewarded. Third, the just society has a mixed government; distribution of goods is by the many, and distribution of bads by the few.





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Inequality and Justice - Introduction



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