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Course feedback

See what other lecturers have changed thanks to your feedback


Agnès Prüm, Bachelor en Cultures Européennes


Robert Reuter, Bachelor en Sciences de l'Education

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The course feedback questionnaire

The online course feedback was designed to help lecturers and programme directors maintain high quality learning experiences for all students in our Faculty. Enrolled students are asked to participate by responding honestly and thoughtfully via the new online course feedback questionnaire.

All the information collected is processed anonymously and stored securely; your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Who can participate?

Currently enrolled (not exam-only) students of any of the bachelors or masters programmes.

When are the courses evaluated?

Course feedback is done at the end of every semester. A communication campaign is launched minimum two weeks before the exam period to inform you about the participation dates and how to access the survey.

When are the course feedback results reported?

Course feedback results are made available online to students, lecturers, and study directors by programme only AFTER the jury d’examen of each respective study programme has occurred. No results are shared with lecturers or study directors until all exam grades have been submitted.

You may check your course evaluation results here: https://feedback.uni.lu/ceReports/

Why is the course feedback important?

Watch our short films and learn from our Dean Prof. Dr. Georg Mein why you should participate in the course feedback.

For more information about Student feedback at the University of Luxembourg, please click here


FLSHASE Course evaluation – Question time 1



FLSHASE Course evaluation – Question time 2










FLSHASE Course evaluation – Question time 3