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How to use the evaluation app


1. Navigate to the app

With your phone, tablet or computer, go to: https://ce.flshase.uni.lu

Select first option: “Participate in the course evaluation”

2. Choose your language and login

Select your preferred language (ENglish, FRançais, DEutsch)

Login using your university account information

After proving your login information, you will see 5 distinct sections 

  1. Demographics: where you can provide your enrolment status, age, and gender.
  2. To be evaluated: contains list of courses available for evaluation.
  3. Evaluation starting on (specified date) : if any, it contains list of courses that will be available for evaluation starting on the specified date.
  4. Already evaluated: after you evaluate your courses this semester, they will be listed here.
  5. Evaluation period over: contains courses that you did not evaluate and are no longer available for evaluation.



3. Select and provide your socio-demographic data

Select “Personal data” and click the “Fill Survey” button at the bottom of the screen; or simply double-click the “Personal data” link.

Read the introduction; and then respond to the 3 questions:

  • enrolment status
  • age
  • gender

You will then see a Thank you message, and below it you will be asked to click on “Submit my answers” to submit and record your answers.

After you submit your answers you will be returned to your list of courses for evaluation.

Note: Because we do not have access to your personal data, we require some information for statistical purposes only. This personal information, along with all the other information you submit is treated anonymously and confidentially.


4. Select the course you wish to evaluate

Select a course for evaluation and then click the “Evaluate this course” button at the bottom of the screen; or simply double-click the course you want to evaluate.

Note: You can logout and return later to complete your evaluation (if not submitted).


5. Read and follow instructions


The app will take you through the different steps of the evaluation. You will be asked to rate certain aspects of your courses and to share your impressions in open-text fields. (Note: Open-ended fields are unlimited, you may type as much as you need).

6. Review your answers

Please review your responses before submitting (make changes if necessary). You can click, or tap, directly on the question you want to update and the system will take you directly to that question. Update it and forward to the review screen again.

After reviewing your answers click on the “Submit my answers” button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Once you submit your responses they are final.

You will see a Thank you flash momentarily as your evaluation is being saved.


7. Evaluate next course, or Log out

After submitting your course evaluation, you can choose to evaluate another course. You will then return to the start screen that will show you which courses still need evaluating.
Or, you can also Log out and return later.

8. Mission accomplished

After evaluating your courses, and after all exam notes are submitted and approved in your programme’s jury d’exam, your course results will be shared with you.

9. Check course evaluation results

You may check your results here: https://ce.flshase.uni.lu/ceReports/