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Message from the Dean




Dear students, staff and colleagues,

As a faculty we strive to create positive learning experiences whenever possible, therefore in each course we will aim to provide students with several minutes of class time to evaluate their courses. During those precious minutes, each student is asked to answer honestly and thoughtfully to help instructors, and myself, maintain the high quality of education at our Faculty.

The online course evaluation was designed to give students an opportunity to become engaged, to make a difference, and frankly to help us improve and maintain the high quality of education in our study programmes.

This is our Faculty, and making it the best it can be is a collaborative project.

Therefore, via smartphones, tablets, or PCs please take a few minutes per course to tell us what you think. We take these evaluations very seriously and because we care about the integrity of the process, we have designed the course evaluation to protect the anonymity of students: all information provided will be treated anonymously and will be stored securely. So, please participate.

Finally, dear students, your voices do matter: the information and feedback you provide will help us gain a more complete picture of where we stand and where we want to go as a Faculty. We look forward to your input and suggestions. Please help us make the University of Luxembourg the best it can be.

Prof. Dr. Georg Mein
Dean of the FHSE