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The Teaching Award of the University of Luxembourg

The Teaching Award honours outstanding teachers committed to quality teaching and contributing significantly to the academic success of their students. Students and faculty staff members nominate their candidate for the teaching award selection committee who picks the final recipient of the award.

The Teaching Award is handed out in two categories: Excellence in Teaching and the Innovative Teaching.  

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Winners of the Teaching Award 2020/2021

The Excellence in Teaching Award went to Ingrid des Saint-Georges, associate professor in educational science.


The Innovative Teaching Award went to Harlan Koff, professor in social sciences and migration studies.


Winners of the Teaching Award 2019/2020

The Excellence in Teaching Award went to Robert Harmsen, professor in political sciences

The Innovative Teaching Award was dedicated to the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences lecturers, student and administrative staff for their extraordinaire efforts to maintain teaching during the lock down in spring 2020.


Winners of the Teaching Award 2018/2019

Sylvie Freyermuth, professor in French Language and Literature


Dieter Heimböckel, associate professor in German Literature and Interculturality

Winners of the Teaching Award 2017/2018

Romain Sahr, senior lecturer in educational science

Dietmar Heidemann, professor in philosophy

Romain Sahr (Educational Sciences), Arnoud Bourgain (Economics), Claude Wolf (Engineering), Densita Stefanova (Finances), Jean-Luc Bueb (Physiology), Dietmar Heidemann (Philosophy)

Winners of the Teaching Award 2016/2017

Jean-Jacques Weber, professor in English and Education

What do students say? Prof. Weber deserves this award because his passion for teaching comes through in everything he does. His lectures and seminars are engaging and thought provoking, his compassion and understanding make him a great mentor, and he has a unique ability to connect with every student who takes part in his courses. This would be a wonderful way to end professor Weber's teaching career at the University of Luxembourg.

Michel Pauly, professor in History

What do students say? Prof. Pauly wants his students to get involved in class, encourages them to ask questions and wants to hear different opinions. He provides students with tools such as references, internet pages, books so that they can learn more about the subjects they are interested in.

Romain Martin, vice-rector for academic affairs, Georg Mein, dean of the Faculty, Jean-Jacques Weber, laureate of the Teaching Award 2017 and Martin Uhrmacher, acccepting the award on behalf of Michel Pauly

Winner of Teaching Award 2014/2015

André Melzer, senior lecturer in Psychology and deputy course director of the Bachelor en Psychologie.

What do students say? Mr Melzer always tries to link the course material to current issues. During his interactive lectures he pushes his students to think independently. He always has an open ear for his students concerns and makes sure that everyone gets the most out of his lectures...






André Melzer






Winner of Teaching Award 2013/2014

Agnès Prüm, senior lecturer in English Literature and course director of the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes: English Studies, received the first Hennicot-Schoepges award for Excellence in Teaching. The jury rewarded Pierre Fixmer a special award for his lifelong commitment to the Faculty.















Agnès Prüm, Erna Hennicot-Schoepges and Georg Mein


Pierre Fixmer, Georg Mein, Erna Hennicot-Schoepges and Olivier Joseph