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Europe without borders

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Published on Friday, 21 October 2016

The University of Luxembourg with the Center for Border Studies hosted this month the 2016 edition of the ABS Europe Conference.
From 4 to 7  October, no less than 90 researchers from all over the world discussed and shared their vision of the differences and discontinuities in a Europe without borders.
With the abolition of regular border control, the field of Border Studies has opened up new fields of research and experienced a noticeable development boost.

The idea of a borderless world has become popular with a certain sensibility for the processes of new border demarcation.

The ABS Europe Conference focused on 4 themes

  1. Mobility and Multilocality
  2. Multilinguism and diversity
  3. Growth and Sustainability
  4. Instability and Change

The recent events in the European Union and the location of the University of Luxembourg at the heart of Europe, gave a special dimension to the 2016 ABS Europe Conference.