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Spaces and Identities in Border Regions

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Published on Thursday, 18 February 2016

Current social and cultural studies have abandoned the notion of clearly defined spaces and identities. Today, these are now regarded as flexible and alterable and examined as products of societal processes. The new publication 'Spaces and Identities in Border Regions' sheds light on how these processes take place in detail.

The 400 page volume presents the results of the 3-year research project 'IDENT2 – Strategies of Regionalization: Constructing Identity across Borders'(2011-2014) funded by the University of Luxembourg. It is already the second publication emerging from a joint project of the eight institutes of the research unit IPSE (Identités, Politiques, Sociétés, Espaces) of the University's humanities faculty. While the first book „Doing Identity in Luxembourg“ (2010) deals primarily with identities, the current volume also incorporates spatial issues and widens the research focus to include Luxembourg's neighbouring regions.

All in all more than 30 people participated in the research project directed by Prof. Dr. Sonja Kmec and Prof. Dr. Markus Hesse and coordinated by Dr. Rachel Reckinger and Dr. Christian Wille.

The researchers made a survey by questionnaire among 3300 residents of Luxembourg, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Lorraine and Wallonia, conducted 47 interviews and analysed a great number of texts.

The new publication provides in-depth insights into the formation of spaces and identities in politics and institutions, in the media as well as in everyday life. The 19 individual cases studies by 27 authors cover a broad field of subjects in Luxembourg and in the bordering regions: ranging from linguistic identifications, the construction of biogas energy regions to the castle of Vianden, virtual identities and practices of remembering the Second World War.

The book 'Spaces and Identities in Border Regions. Politics – Media – Subjects' is published by transcript-Verlag in Bielefeld, Germany, in the series 'Kultur und soziale Praxis' and is available in bookshops under ISBN 978-3-8376-2650-6 for 29,99 Euros in the print version and for 26,99 Euros as ebook. It was previously published in German in 2014.

More information about the research project can be found online under

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Christian Wille, Rachel Reckinger, Sonja Kmec, Markus Hesse (eds.): Spaces and Identitites in Border Regions. Politics - Media - Subjects (Series Culture and Social Practice). Bielefeld, transcript, 2016, 400 p., 29,99 Euros (print version), 26,99 Euros (ebook), ISBN 978-3-8376-2650-6.

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