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Guest students

Due to technical reasons, the enrolments at the University will be opened on September 15th


“open@uni.lu” is the University of Luxembourg’s study program open and accessible to the registered “Guest Students” and “Senior Guest Students”.


The booklet of the open courses is available for the download here below:




Catalogue des Open courses (version 21/08/18)



The courses listed in this booklet are open to everyone within the limit of the number of places available.

Taking courses at the University requires a certain amount of personal work, even without taking exams. For that reason, we kindly ask you to read the course descriptions in order to judge whether they might be interesting to you.

Please be sure not to get a burden of work! (maximum 3 courses)

The course period is from Monday September 17th to Saturday December 22nd, 2018. The number of available places for guest students is limited for most lectures. Thus, you are kindly requested to register for courses only if you can attend during the whole period.


* Attention*

Modification of the usual registration procedure! 

Registration is now carried out in 2 successive steps:  The Selection of the courses and then the Registration as Guest Student.


 1.    Online selection of the courses

The application period for Guest Students for this Winter semester 2018-2019 has expired.

The upcoming registration for the Summer Semester will be opened in January 2019.


 2.    Registration of Guest Students


In order to satisfy our guest students, all our efforts will be put into making sure every single guest student gets the possibility to participate in at least I of the courses amongst his chosen ones.

You will be informed of the definitive enrolment and receive further information on the registration as a guest student after September 14th.

This registration is compulsory and will become a pre-condition for accessing our different university learning platforms

N.B.: Your enrolment as a guest auditor is subject to this prior confirmation by the University. Please do not pay before being invoiced.



Guest Students’ Information Meeting:

  • Date:  September 12th 2018 at 3.00pm
  • Building: MSH
  • Room: BlackBox
  • Mandatory registration before September 6th, 2018 via opencourses@uni.lu





Administration des Open Courses

Phone: 4666444962

Email: opencourses@uni.lu