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Guest Students

The University of Luxembourg offers people of all ages the opportunity to follow high quality courses dealing with scientific subjects. Irrespective of any degree and without being bound by the rules of studies and examinations, any interested person can follow courses as a Guest student. All that is required is the willingness and ability to actively participate in the scientific dialogue within the framework of the courses taken.

The application process for Guest Students contains 2 steps:

1) Online-Application (Deadlines for the upcoming summer semester 2022/23: 24. January 2023 - 08. February 2023)

2) Course Choice via an Online Form.


Below you find the course catalogues for the winter semester 22/23 in order to give you an overview of the courses offered.

The course catalogues for the summer semester will be updated at the beginning of the admission period.

Find here the latest catalogues for the winter semester 22/23:

1) Listing of all courses open to Guest Students

2) Course Descriptions of the courses offered by the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine

3) Course Descriptions of the courses offered by the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance

4) Course Descriptions of the courses offered by the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Do you need help?

Check out our tutorial on administrative enrolment


Contact the Administration of the Open Courses.
E-Mail: opencourses@uni.lu


A project developed by our students that is close to our hearts is the GoldenMe project.
GoldenMe is a platform for all people who are moving from an active professional life to a new phase of their life (retirement). The platform creates interesting events, develops new activites and much more. GoldenMe offers you:

- a newsletter
- GoldenEvents: events, conferences, guided tours, etc.
- the possibility to create and support new projects
- the possibility to meet GoldenMembers to exchange knowledge with them

Please have a look on their website: https://www.goldenme.me