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Supervision of a doctoral candidate (ADR)


At the University of Luxembourg it is necessary to have an ADR ("Autorisation à Diriger des Recherches" - PhD supervision right) to supervise PhD students. The University law and the internal rules of procedures ("Règlement d'Ordre Intérieur" - ROI) define this right, and how to obtain it.

If you are a staff member of the University of Luxembourg, and have any questions regarding the authorisation to supervise a doctoral candidate, please contact:

If you are external to the University of Luxembourg, and would like to receive more information, please contact the Office of doctoral studies (Anja Lenninger) under the following email address: ADRexterne@uni.lu.

According to the internal rules of procedure (ROI) of the University, the University only accepts requests from senior researchers affiliated to an institution which has already a collaboration agreement with the University. 

Procedure to obtain an ADR

  • Please make sure that you are eligible to apply for an ADR, before completing the form. All details about eligibility criteria are provided in the application form.
  • Read the instructions in the application form very carefully, and make sure that you obtain a support letter from the Dean, the Interdisciplinary Centre Director or Head of Department (accordingly to your affiliation).
  • Your application will be assessed, according to the legal background, by a committee which consists of internal and external members. Please be aware that your unit/institution will be charged about 1500€ for the external evaluation which is currently managed via the European Science Foundation (ESF).
  • There are four deadlines per year (1 March, 1 June, 15 September, 1 December). The duration of the procedure is about 12 weeks, in case of delays the applicant will be informed.
  • Download the application form

Once you receive the authorisation and you have a doctoral candidate, the Office of doctoral studies will guide you for your candidate’s registration, progression monitoring by the dissertation supervisory committee, and candidate thesis defence procedures.