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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - Germanistik

About Our Programme

The Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - Germanistik comprises three core elements: Newer German literature, medieval studies (literature and language) and linguistics. This guarantees a profound academic education in the subject matter.

Being based in Luxembourg, a speciality of Germanistik studies is the increased focus on interculturality and multilingual research through an interdisciplinary lens.

Due to being situated in the BCE framework, you are offered the opportunity to take part in both interdisciplinary and multilingual classes.

The standard study period is defined as 6 semesters (3 years), with a compulsory mobility semester being planned for either the 4th or 5th semester.

To take part in the program, advanced skills in the German language (minimum C1) and decent skills in a second language (French or English, B2) are required. Knowledge of a third language (preferably French or English) is an advantage.



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Learning outcomes

You will acquire specific Germanistik competencies and key qualifications which will prepare you for different career tracks, with an extensive focus on the following skills:

  • Adequate synthesis, analysis and production of texts;
  • Analysis of information with an eye for selection of overarching themes and contexts;
  • Analysis and reflection on discourse;
  • Clear and precise presentation of key concepts;
  • Application of the acquired methodological framework and competencies to an overarching range of topics;
  • Self-management.

Future prospects

As a graduate of the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes – Germanistik, you will be eligible to apply for a Master degree in fields related to Germanistik. In combination with an MA, you will meet the legal requirements for teaching careers in Luxembourg. Moreover, you will be prepared for careers in:

  • Journalism and the media;
  • Cultural management;
  • Public services;
  • Advertising;
  • International and cultural organisations;
  • Etc.

Course directors

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Programme at a glance

  • 6 semesters / 180 ECTS
  • Compulsory mobility semester
  • Verified language skills:
    • First language: German (C1)
    • Second language: French or English (B2)
    • Third language: French or English (A2)
  • Motivation letter
  • Enrolment Fees:
    • 400€ / semester (semester 1-2)
    • 200€ / semester (semester 3-6)