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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - Histoire

About Our Programme

Are you interested in acquiring an original outlook on both history and European cultures? Are you interested in exploring contemporary topics and questions based on current debates? Are you interested in acquiring extensive knowledge of applied history thanks to the collaboration of European institutions based in Luxembourg? If so, this study programme may be the right fit.

> Teaching languages: French / German / English



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  • Personal mentoring by qualified staff;
  • Close interaction between research and education;
  • Multilingual education aided by the presence of different cultures (French, German, British, etc.)

Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct critical analysis on historical sources;
  • Contextualise historical sources and verify their authenticity based on scientific knowledge;
  • Conduct research based on a developed questioning attitude;
  • Utilise the methodological framework provided by History studies in your own research;
  • Work efficiently in groups and present findings precisely and clearly;
  • Develop your own point of view.

Future Prospects

  • Access to a Master degree in History;
  • Prepares for a teaching career;
  • Prepares for careers in cultural institutions, politics, the media and research.

Required Linguistic Knowledge

The majority of classes in the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes – Histoire are available in both German and French, giving you the choice between the two languages. Others are taught bilingually, either through two professors or one bilingual professor. Finally, some classes are only taught in either German or French. As such, there is a need to understand and read French, German and English. In the majority of classes, you are allowed to submit your exams and papers in another language than the one employed by the professor. The official knowledge requirements provided by the BCE are as follows:

  • First language: C1 (French or German)
  • Second language and third language: B2 (French, German or English)

Course director


Admissions Enquiries


Programme at a glance

  • 6 semesters / 180 ECTS
  • Compulsory mobility semester
  • Verified language skills:
    • First language: French or German (C1)
    • Second language: French, German or English (B2)
    • Third language: French, German or English (B2)
  • Motivation letter
  • Enrolment Fees:
    • 400€ / semester (semester 1-2)
    • 200€ / semester (semester 3-6)